Taking online classes to raise GPA? Other tips as well?

<p>Sooo... due to personal situation at home for the last few years of my life since I've been a teenager in an asian culture, Filipino to be exact, it's been affecting me and unfortunately it affected my grades as well. I'm a junior attending a corrupted Florida school system and currently I have a 2.75 GPA overall from this semester. I got my head on straight now so I'm aiming for straight A's for the 2nd semester.
My question is, would taking online classes help me out or would it just be a waste of time? I know it'd be an extra load but I'm willing to do ANYTHING to increase my chances of getting into college.
Also, would anybody know anything about Army ROTC in college? I've read more into it and now I'm kinda scared I might not have a chance of getting it at all
Thanks :)</p>

<p>OH and btw, I have a weighted GPA of 3.47777 something and I take all honors & 2 AP courses - english & history</p>

<p>lol, I seriously need the help so I'm gonna bump this. bump bump bummmmmp</p>

<p>Don't worry ximspunky, you'll be fine. Try flvs and see if your school gives you credit for it and by the way here's the link en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Florida<em>Virtual</em>School. Ask your guidance counselor if you could receive credit for it best of luck. And as for your current grades take all ap classes and try your best to maintain an A grade, so in the end you could have a stable gpa</p>

<p>Thanks for the support, I appreciate it! By any chance, do you know anything about grade forgiveness? I have an overall grade of an F in ap us history, so would taking an online class help me raise it?</p>

<p>Does your school let you redo courses, ask your guidance counselor.....</p>

<p>well, I'm re-taking the course online</p>