Taking SAT 3 (or more) Times for Non-score choice schools

<p>good or bad? i'm talking about yale, cornell and those top schools not using score choice. My initial plan was to take the May SAT to get rid of jitters, get used to the environment, and judge how I perform on test day. I didn't plan on using this score for anything.</p>

<p>Then my plan entailed taking the SAT in June and Oct. and getting a superscore of 2250+. But, now I realize some schools do not use score choice. I didn't think it was a big deal at first, but now I'm worried. Should I not take the June SAT and instead just study over the summer for the OCT. one and 'beast' that SAT? </p>

<p>I got 2090 on the May SAT which was well below what I was shooting for (harsh curves + dumb errors cost me 100 pts.). </p>

<p>But now, really, the only incentive to taking the June SAT is to get 2200 and fill out recruitment forms for top US schools for baseball recruitment. They ask for SAT scores on these forms, so a 2090 would be embarrassing if I submitted a recruitment form to say, Yale. So, a 2200 would be decent to send in with that form and I can put a note that I plan to take again and score higher. </p>

<p>So, that's really the only positive I see out of the June SAT...and also that if I magically score really high (2250+) then I can not worry about the SAT. Also, I leave open the option of superscoring if I do really well in 1 or 2 section on this SAT. </p>

<p>I'm really confused. I need to know if I should change my SAT date in the nest day or so to cancel/change. The test is Saturday. I haven't done much prep since the May SAT but I think 2200 is possible. What do you guys think?</p>

<p>BAD. VERY BAD</p>

<p>You look like a mark whore when you do that. If you are concerned about your SAT scores not being up to snuff by a LOT and seriously feel that taking it a third or fourth time will thoroughly improve your score, then maybe</p>

<p>ANNNNDDD. Thanks, I was a recruited athlete to Yale with a 2090. -,-</p>

<p>^noo, sorry man, I didn't mean it that way! Trust me dude, you are an unreal athlete. I am in no way as great in baseball as you are in track and field. That's why I'm asking...I'm asking from strictly an academic standpoint (not being recruited). </p>

<p>So, is 3 times to much for these top, non-score choice schools? 2 is fine though right?</p>

<p>Please, other gr.12's that went through this process and even gr.11's that know what they're talking about help me out! I have to change my SAT test date ASAP! I need to know if I should study for the Oct. SAT and just treat it as a 'go big or go home' test. (it would be my second time).</p>

<p>Ugh, why did I take the May SAT just to see where I stand....??</p>

<p>Yo Viggy!
I am also taking the SAT this sat. <-- lol see what I did there :P
In my opinion, if you think you can achieve 2200+ DO IT!
IF you don't make it, you can still look good in time for score-choice schools (GREAT schools, including Harvard).
Also, more than 3 scores, although detrimental, is not a death sentence.
ALL OR NOTHING, Viggy!!! After all, we are Canadians and worse case scenario, we attend UBC, McGill, UT, etc. -- not too shabby in the whole picture of things!!</p>

<p>^yea, but I mean, i don't want to have to keep retaking. I think i might as well go all or nothing in oct. and if i fail write again in nov. and kiss EA goodbye</p>

<p>That's basically my situation as well. I have only had a week to really study for this SAT so I am worried. But my reasoning is that there is nothing to lose... I was planning on attending UBC anyway, so even the SLIGHTEST chance that I may attend the best unis in the world is worth fighting for. To me that means taking every SAT possible in June, Oct, and Nov, until I get a satisfactory score!</p>

<p>^i guess that makes sense too. I just don't want to take too many to be rejected by non-score choice schools which would think I'm obsessive over scores. So, i think I'm just going to write the SAT twice.</p>

<p>But yea, for schools like H and stuff, it doesn't matter how many times you retake due to score choice.</p>

<p>Okay well good luck in October then! I will be taking SAT subjects I believe, unless I fail this weekend drastically :(</p>

<p>My dream school is UPenn- Wharton, which rejects score choice, so I must be cautious within reason. I will be taking maximum of 2 SAT reasonings because I started so late!</p>

<p>PS: would you retake 770 on Math II? It's my only time so far, but it has such a generous curve that I only scored in the ~81 % :(</p>

<p>What makes you think you can be a recruited athlete? Are you on the provincial or national sports radar right now?</p>

<p>I don't think that taking the SAT more than 3 times is a good idea... after that many times, I doubt your score will improve. Instead you should practise a lot between your first and second tests and your second and third tests and try to improve that way. Simply taking more tests will not make you get a higher score.</p>

<p>Ok, I've made my choice...just write it in Oct.</p>

<p>@electronica...I am good enough for DIII baseball, which includes schools like MIT, Vassar, Swarthmore....my coach told me.</p>

<p>I don't know what exactly it takes to play DI, but I'm going to just work my hardest and see what happens.</p>