TAMU 2023 Aggie Parent/Student (all majors) questions and answers

Howdy Ags! Last year we had a thread for parents and students to ask general questions. Thought since the official acceptances are coming in now, it may benefit everyone. All questions welcome and trust me there are a ton of current parents and past aggie parents that have a wealth of knowledge and happy to pass it on and help out the next group.

Congrats and welcome to Aggieland!

Thanks for starting this thread! My son is a holistic candidate and applied July 5 for Animal Science. My husband and I are both Aggies and the wait it agonizing!! I was really hoping he would hear something before November despite being holistic, but it sounds like late November or even December will be the earliest. Do you know if certain majors may hear any earlier than that? Most of the posts right now in other threads are for academic admits in Engineering or Mays.

@TxAg99 Review applicants don’t generally receive a decision until close to the deadline. Last year, it was Nov 21, which was 9 business days before the deadline. The year prior, the first review applicants decisions came out on Nov. 30.

Now that decisions have begun being released for Auto/Academic Admits, they will be notified as their applications are processed by admissions, usually within 5-7 business days.

Auto/Academic admits for Engineering, have been admitted to the university but are undergoing holistic review for the major, which if they are not accepted to the major, they will be placed in second choice or asked to chose an open major.

Review applicants for Engineering will usually not receive an admissions decision for entry to the University AND admissions into the major (despite having applied by the Early Decision date) until after Winter Break.

Thanks @Thelma2! He’s an Animal Science major, so I wondered if the major they are applying to makes a difference in the admissions decision.

@TxAg99 Major plays no part for the review applicant admissions to the university process. Review applicants are admitted to the university and then placed into their first choice major, with the exception of Mays Business School and Engineering. If a major is full (most every major doesn’t have limited seats except Mays and rumored is Visualization. if a major is full, the applicant is placed in second choice major).

Mays takes only 1000 freshmen and is full with auto/academic admits by the time the first review applicant admission decisions are released.

If a review applicant applies to Mays and they gain admission to the university, because Mays is full by the time the applicant receives the admissions offer, the applicant is placed in their second choice major.

FAFSA questions. FAFSA has been submitted and processed. In Howdy under Financial Aid, still showing it hasn’t been received by the school. I do see there is no option for Fall 2019 yet, understandably. Just a question on when TAMU might update to show Fall 2019. Thanks!

@sweeney1996 I believe it updates in February. But don’t hold me to that, lol.

THOUGHT I read somewhere that the student needs to bring their final high school transcript to the NSC. But now I read that the final transcript just needs to be filed before registering for the spring. The reason I wonder is because I want to pick a date for NSC when we’ll definitely have the final transcript…but if its not necessary, then…thanks for the help…so much to figure out!

@Eggscapgoats Unless something has changed this year, you don’t have to submit your final transcript before your NSC. I would sign up for the first NSC possible that offers your student’s major. You may take your transcript to your NSC if it’s ready, but it’s not required. Where did you read that the transcript must be filed before registering for the spring?

Edit: I found it under the FAQ here https://newaggie.tamu.edu/faqs/

@chercheur Fantastic, thank-you!! Yesterday, I probably read the first sentence to the question “do I need to bring my transcript” in your link, but didn’t read the rest. Oy! Thanks again :wink:

Good luck @Eggscapgoats !

Wondering if anyone has information on the dance program and admission numbers into that program? My DD thinking about auditioning but hoping to have a few more details. Thanks!

@navigatingmom I understand that this is a very competitive program. First she’ll need to be accepted into TAMU and then they’ll review her audition from my understanding. There are options if not admitted into the full program. She could do a minor in dance or University studies with dance concentration. Depending on her future goals, she can really get specific on her degree plan, i.e. teaching plus dance, business ownership with dance studio type of deal, etc. Highly recommend going to a prospective student session at tamu if you haven’t already.

If they are accepted into their 2nd major of choice, how difficult is it to transfer in to Mays during a subsequent year?

@aggiemomhelp and @Thelma2 Seeing some review admits get their acceptances earlier than normal, I am getting very nervous about my son’s chances. Just praying that if they are indeed reviewing NOW, that they will either give him a chance now or review his updates later this month (with the addition of hopefully higher ACT scores and LORs he’s working on this week). To reiterate, he is in top 13% of class (of 941), UW GPA 3.4-ish, 3 AP (3 in Bio, currently taking AP Chem & Stat) and 6 Dual credits (all As/Bs), a few ECs and worked part time since beginning of junior year, participates/competes in HOSA (his area is epidemiology). He applied to Biomedical Sciences as first major, then Public Health as second major. Oh his ACT was 28 - 30 in Science, 24 in English (he got 27 first time he took it - went backwards?!?!), 27 Math, 30 Reading. So he’s retaking 10/27 and hopefully again the first week of Nov at TAMU. I’m just worried seeing all the admits (review) and that they will pass him over.

@AggieMomhelp Thanks - all the dance programs are very selective for sure! Do you know about the numbers in the program or numbers accepted each year?

@NavigatingMom about 20 -25 students per year (freshman). And I was wrong, you can audition before being accepted into TAMU.

@AggieMomhelp Thanks! I wish I would have checked audition dates earlier as the fall audition is next weekend and flights ricing has gone up already inside the 2 week mark! Really hate to wait until Spring to audition but we will take a look at it for sure. Sounds like their program is around 100 undergrads which is fairly large - do you happen to know about how many boys vs girls are in the program? Or how many total audition each year? Thanks in advance!

@JaceyK don’t be nervous. Oct is still really early. Most review applicants get their decisions after Jan. The must place all auto/academic admits first and there is still 6 weeks left until the application deadline.

@thelma2 That is not true - we are already seeing other review admits getting their admits already??