TAMU Class 2025 - PTA (guaranteed transfer)

So happy for you!!! Well done! What about your friend that lost change of major button?

Still waitlisted/BLINN. She decided to go to Texas tech also due to money and just wanting to go on and plan. They are rooming together and already have their room on campus.

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That happened to my daughter, too! We saw the acceptance in Howdy but she had not completed her required courses. It was last spring and she was Allied Health also.

Spoke with Blinn yesterday and found out that AP credits don’t get applied until November/December so you can’t use them for registering for the fall semester. For example, with AP credit for English 1301, you can’t just move right into 1302. You have to wait a semester at Blinn. That was hard to hear.

I believe what they told you but I’m going to check on something tomorrow. AP credit typically isn’t taken til you’re at a 4 year university. English mag be different. I hope I’m right for your sake.

Hi AggieMomhelp just wondering if you learned anything different? Thanks.

OMG I totally forgot to report back. As for AP credit, you should definitely wait til you are at TAMU before accepting them. They don’t count in your transfer hours anyway, so I cannot think of a reason to accept them.

As for Eng. 104, there is no prereq for it. You don’t have to take and pass 103 first. In fact, many degrees don’t even have Eng. 103 (1301) on their degree plan (not required).

Hope this helps and thanks for reminding me!

I am not sure about this. My daughter is no longer looking at the PTA plan, but at the time I remember thinking that she was going to need to accept AP credits while at BLINN…if they allowed it. She was looking at the English program and English 1302/104 is one of the required classes. Yet when u look at BLINN it says u can’t take 1302 without taking 1301. You can get out of 1301 if u have the right score on the AP exam.

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If u in fact are running into a problem, U might also look at CLEP exams and how BLINN handles those.

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Hey guys, I was mistaken (thank you @it_sajourney ) for messaging me. Blinn does require the prereq 1301 (Eng. 103) in order to take 1302 (104), TAMU does not. So if you are doing PTA or really any other mode of transfer, keep that in mind if you are trying to use AP credit. Obviously dual credit is different in that it’s already applied.

Oops, didn’t see your reply. But thank you. I think it’s totally ridiculous to have that prereq at a juco when a University doesn’t require it. So weird.

By the way. I do agree with u that A&M 104 has no prerequisites. The problem is the corresponding course at community college does have a prerequisite. We ran into this same problem when my Aggie was trying to take a class at a community college and they had prerequisites that A&M did not have. Devil of a time getting them waived.

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That’s good that they may possibly wave them. This however why I believe in dual credit more than AP. It’s a done deal regardless of an exam or timing issue and every college must take dual credit (assuming it’s equivalent to a course) VS AP credit can be a crap shoot based on the university.

And see, I feel just the opposite as it seems like so many go in with tons of duel and then have a hard time changing majors. When I went to school it was much simpler!


Looks like BLINN might accept a CLEP test for the prerequisite class. I would double check though on AP. I think it is ridiculous if u have taken AP test and done well enough that they would not accept it day 1. I would push it up the chain…maybe with an ACT/SAT score and AP exam they would exempt and let u go straight in to the other English class.

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