TAMU Class of 2023 - Admission Decisions/Discussion

Good Luck everyone applying to Texas A&M University.

This thread on the TAMU forum is for the HS class of 2019 applying for Fall 2019 admissions

When did you apply:
When did you get your UIN:
When did you receive your admission decision:
Are you an Auto-admit or Academic Admit or Review Admit:
Major/College of Choice:
Class Rank:
SAT (with Sub Scores)
ACT (with Sub Scores)

FALL 2018
July 1, 2018-December 1, 2018
DEADLINE: December 1

Notification of Decision(per the TAMU website)
We make decisions throughout the year. All decisions for spring will be posted by December and fall by late March at HOWDY via the Applicant tab.

The Fall Early Action Deadline for Engineering majors only is October 15 (including documents).

Required documents for Fall will be accepted through December 8.

If the deadline falls on a weekend, the application will remain open until 11:59 PM (CST) on the following Monday. This does not apply to the Early Action Deadline for engineering. Additional required documents will be accepted until 5:00pm (CST) on that Monday.

Thread seemed kind of lonely so far, so, I am answering on behalf of my D19

When did you apply: July 2
When did you get your UIN: July 6
When did you receive your admission decision: N/A, yet
Are you an Auto-admit or Academic Admit or Review Admit: Auto Admit
Major/College of Choice: Econ(not Mays)
Class Rank: 4/205
SAT (with Sub Scores) 1360
ACT (with Sub Scores)30 Wr 9 E 29 R33 M 28 S 31

Wanted to update, D received an email today that stated that when app opened up, there wasn’t an option to apply for honors programs. The email today supplied link and info to go and apply, if interested.

Responding for my son:

When did you apply:July 2
When did you get your UIN:July 6
When did you receive your admission decision:NA
Are you an Auto-admit or Academic Admit or Review Admit:Auto-admit
Major/College of Choice:Engineering
Class Rank:16/419 (top 3.8%)
SAT (with Sub Scores) 1410, R-720/M-690
ACT (with Sub Scores) 32, E-33/R-34/S-33/M-28

Question: On AIS application status, his application is still reading “incomplete.” I uploaded his HS transcript, which I
ordered through the school’s parchment system, on July 7. Ranking and transcript are only sections that do
not have green check marks.

              How long does it typically take for the yellow triangle to turn to a green check mark?  I'm wondering
              if I need to re-send the transcript...

My daughter’s stats are similar to your son’s and she applied on the same day as he did for Engineering. We had her HS transcript sent directly to A&M. Her application status was incomplete, with ranking and transcript being the only things marked “received but not processed”, until yesterday. Hopefully, your son’s will get updated soon, too.

Oh, thank so much for response!

I’ll wait another day or two, then I’ll go into parchment and send it directly from HS to A&M just to be safe.

Thanks again!

My son applied on 07/06 and his status shows “incomplete” too for the rank and transcript. Son called A&M and they said they will be updating the status at the end of the week. Hope this helps.

Sometimes the AIS has yet to update even thought the document has been received. That said, keep an eye on it and if it doesn’t show received soon, call and check it out.

Back in Summer 2015 my son requested his transcript in May, the same time as his Sr sister was requesting her final transcript. He mailed it in August 1 before he started the app process. After he had submitted app, transcript never showed complete so I called. The one he received was not the finalized transcript. The window in which he requested was for Sr’s only. Finalized one’s for Jr’s were not available until after June 15. So he had to request another one and upload it.
In most cases, it will show up, but if it doesn’t become marked, check on it.

Last cycle decisions were made later due to Harvey. I seem to remember that auto-admits were notified mid-September. Does anyone know when auto-admit decisions will go out this cycle?

Lucky me, I get to do it all again this cycle with my S19 :wink: I must say, it feels very odd that my S18 hasn’t even started yet at A&M and his brother is already waiting for his decision. I know it is normal, and I’m not the only one going through it, it just feels super weird. :open_mouth:

@trish02 I think auto admits won’t hear back until after September 1. May be a bit earlier than last year, but I don’t think they are able to disclose admissions til that date (State mandated thing from what I was told). Good luck to your son, both freshman and S19. How fun!!!

Last year, the first admissions decisions (top 10% and academic) came out September 20. I believe it was September 21 the year before.

The decisions for review applicants for full admissions to College Station (per participants on this forum) was Nov. 21, Dec. 15, Jan. 11, and Feb 5.

Oh my! I might have a heart attack with that wait. My daughter is already rolling her eyes at me when I ask her to check online. Ha ha! I explained to her today how excited I was FOR her, as she will be a 1st generation traditional college student, and well, it’s exciting. I know she is an auto admit, but, well, nothing in life is guaranteed, so getting official word is when it really sets in.

@AggieMomhelp Thank you! Yes, things are crazy around here. :))
We do love the idea of both our boys being Aggies.

When did you apply: July 1
When did you get your UIN: July 6
When did you receive your admission decision: N/A
Are you an Auto-admit or Academic Admit or Review Admit: Academic Admit
Major/College of Choice: Visualization (College of Architecture)
Class Rank: 98/510
SAT (with Sub Scores) 1390; R-720/M-670

I applied on July 1st, and my application just changed to “Complete and In Review” Looks like my transcript finally processed! Hopefully we will hear soon.

My son’s status finally changed to “Complete and in Review” as well!

I feel relieved; this is our first child going through college application process, and I’m nervous about making a misstep!

@cannonmom You are in the right place! Lots of good information and support on this site. Ask away if you have any questions. @Thelma2 is a wealth of knowledge!

Replying for my daughter:

When did you apply: July 13
When did you get your UIN: July 20
When did you receive your admission decision: n/a
Are you an Auto-admit or Academic Admit or Review Admit: academic admit
Major/College of Choice: cell and molecular biology
Class Rank: 17%
ACT (with Sub Scores) 31 overall (don’t have her sub scores)

Checked her account and everything is in and completed! Now the waiting begins…ugh!

First dumb question of the senior year (with many more to come I’m sure!): My daughter finished her application and hit send/apply just yesterday, July 24th. Does she check in on Apply Texas for these updates y’all are referring to? Or will TAMU send her a TAMU Howdy page something or other to check for transcripts received, etc. ?

@TXRunningMom your daughter will receive an email from A&M with her UIN that she will have to activate on AIS/Howdy ( also get to create a login) AIS is where she will keep track of application changes. You can look around on howdy but it will be limited as to what you can do since she has not been accept.

@annabananalm , I started guessing that after realizing those UIN dates must be something special! Thank you! She submitted on July 24th so I guess we have at least a couple more days of wait easily. Thanks for responding!