TAMU Class of 2023 - Engineering Admission Decisions

I found the TAMU class of 2022 engineering Admissions thread (https://talk.collegeconfidential.com/texas-m-university/2023076-tamu-class-of-2022-engineering-admission-decisions-p1.html) and saw that we don’t have one yet for 2023.

A&M appears to be processing admissions so since there are a lot of engineering questions on this thread (https://talk.collegeconfidential.com/texas-m-university/2088998-tamu-class-2023-admission-decisions-p1.html), let’s use this thread for solely engineering admittance questions/updates.

ADMIT - Admitted to COE
DEFER - Defer decision to Mid - January decision timeline (For those that complete app by Oct 15th)
DENIED - Denied Admission to COE

Applicants that have completed application by Oct 15th will receive a decision by early December. Those that finish their application between Oct 15th and Dec 1st will receive a decision by mid-January. Students denied admission to COE but admitted to the university will be allowed to change majors.

When did you apply:
When did you get your UIN:
When did you receive your (engineering) admission decision:
Auto-admit? Academic Admit? Review Admit?:
Major/College of Choice:
Did you get in:
Honors program:
Class Rank:
ACT/SAT (with Math Subscore):

@bemart14 Thank you for starting this thread. Now the next step in the waiting game begins!

When did you apply: 7/1
When did you get your UIN: 7/5
When did you receive your (engineering) admission decision: yes to TAMU 9/20 …waiting for COE
Auto-admit? Academic Admit? Review Admit?:auto
Major/College of Choice: COE - Civil
Did you get in: waiting
Honors program: waiting
Class Rank: 9/480
ACT/SAT (with Math Subscore): 1310 (Math 710)

STEM Academy, NHS, captain of swim team, lots of selective leadership programs and volunteer, will graduate with 11 AP course (4-5’s so far)

How do you know for sure you are admitted to university?

@aggiemom4boys …round about way…Son had 6 tabs last night, then today I called today with questions about an ROTC scholarship he is interviewing for next week and they confirmed his TAMU acceptance (but not to the COE). I logged on to Howdy and paid his dorm deposit this morning. No fun fancy Congrats letter though. He is auto admit so I was not too worried about the admission phase…but it is still an exciting step!!

For those of you who were able to apply for housing and your student is under 18 … how long did it take for the contract to be emailed to a parent to electronically sign? Thank-you!

Responding with my daughter’s info:
When did you apply: 7/25/18
When did you get your UIN: 7/27/18
When did you receive your (engineering) admission decision: still waiting
Auto-admit? Academic Admit? Review Admit?: Auto-admit
Major/College of Choice: Chemical Engineering
Did you get in:
Honors program:
Class Rank: #1
ACT/SAT (with Math Subscore): 35 (31 Math, 36 All other Sections)

She’s had 6 tabs from the beginning, but I think the “Engineering Review” is a new status today. Maybe I need to go try to do the housing part. I’m getting very impatient for the “you are admitted” to the university as a whole.

@MamaLaRay I don’t think any of the engineers have been formally admitted. Just those 6 tabs at howdy and engineering review status.

I am frustrated that we haven’t gotten the “You are Admitted” message, as well.

Son Auto admit, Engineering Review with 6 tabs as of this morning.

I’m a little hesitant to apply for housing without official notice.

Is everyone who is able to access it just moving forward with the housing application process???

@cannonmom You are right…my son could be going to Galveston. But I will risk the $75 if they will let me. I wonder when formal admittance status starting occurring in previous years? Maybe all the apps up to Oct 15 are considered collectively after Oct 15? May have read that somewhere…

@cannonmom , no official notice yet but I signed up for housing anyway. I tried signing up probably 3 times in the last week but couldn’t get in. Today, after seeing the 6 tabs and major changed to “engineering review”, I tried and got in. :slight_smile:

I read on previous year’s thread that Engineering students were formally accepted (auto/academic admits) along with everyone else…

5-10 minutes

sorry 5-10 min was how long it took to get the email for under 18 housing

@TXRunningMom Thanks for info! I think I’ll follow your lead.

Hi! My son got 6 tabs as well so I’m looking into housing. Do we have to pick the hall he wants now? I was thinking you just pay the deposit and get ‘in line’ but don’t officially pick until this coming spring. Thanks!

We went ahead and applied for housing not knowing if he will get his first choice major. In my son’s case, he is at peace with his choice to switch gears to Physics or Mathematics if he does not get in the COE. I am thinking if he was still not sure where he was going to be living then I would still pay the $75 housing deposit right now just to keep the option open.

@Mojo1995 , yes, when you make your deposit, you are just getting your timestamp so that later in the spring, you can put in your dorm choices. Total money maker in my opinion since it is not refundable and who knows how many kids will end up going elsewhere!

@TXRunningMom, Thanks! We’re in process but haven’t yet received the under 18 contract yet. It’s been about 30 minutes so hopefully it will come soon.
Still hoping we actually hear if they get in to Engineering or if these 6 tabs mean we’ll find out if they get into A&M but have to still wait until later for the official major. It’s all very exciting!!!

I think you mentioned about essays for signing up for dorms. (maybe it was someone else). We haven’t encountered that yet but I’m waiting for the parent email to come through. I’m hoping they don’t have to decide between Halls and LLP’s this early but I guess as we finish signing the contract, we’ll find out.

We just got "Welcome to the Aggie Family "on AIS. Howdy still says Under Review. Been refreshing screen all day.

Screen says:

“Your NSC Registration will be delayed until the College of Engineering review has been completed. Files completed by October 15th will be reviewed and a decision notification posted here by mid-December. Decisions will post in mid to late January for files completing after October 15”.

On the Howdy portal, it now says “Welcome to the Aggie Family”! She is officially admitted but waiting on the Engineering decision.