TAMU transfer 2021 Mechanical Engineering

Hi there,
I’m an international student attending Lone Star College in Houston. I’m applying to TAMU College Station as a transfer for fall 2021 and my major is Mechanical Engineering. I would like to get some honest feedback on my chances of getting in and any advice on the transfer essay (statement of purpose) would be awesome. 4.0 GPA, 53 credits completed by now and 70 by the end of spring, all prerequisites completed except for Physics 2 which is still in progress. I’m also taking Calculus 3 right now. Phi Theta Kappa member and ECs are church-related activities.

You will most likely get deferred for spring outcome since a required course is not completed yet. But great job with the 4.0. Go ahead and apply and I doubt you will have any trouble getting accepatance after that.

As for essay, show passion for your desired major. What will you do with it, why do you want it, why do you think TAMU will help you attain your goal, etc. Also, make sure you mention your second choice major in your essay. IF you get denied by ME, then 2nd choice will want to know you are serious about them too and that your goals are still attainable. Hope that helps!

@AggieMomhelp Thank you so much for your help… Thank God I’ve kept that 4.0 in such a weird semester for all… I appreciate your feedback and will keep that in mind for my essay! Nobody I know has been through the transfer process for TAMU and it’s jit’s great you’re willing to support us here so we know where we’re standing at. Thank you!

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