TAMU Transfer Fall 2019

Hey guys, just wondering what my chances of transferring into Texas A&M’s Math Department are with at most a 3.5 gpa (dont know the final grades yet) and 60 credit hours. Also, does the admissions office also take into consideration the amount of credit hours that you have taken? (i.e. 3.5 gpa with 60 credit hours vs. 3.5 gpa with 24 credit hours)

Are my chances higher of getting in with more credit hours as long as I maintain around a 3.5 gpa?

Howdy! @TheNerd0101 you shouldn’t have a problem getting into TAMU’s Math Department! I believe most of the colleges at TAMU give preference to applicants that are ready to be juniors rather than just having 24 hours, so if you have 60 hours you should get preference over someone who does not!

I am applying to May’s Business School for Fall 2019! Good luck on getting admitted!

I have a 3.80 GPA and an associates degree in Business Admin, June 2018. I have completed every class that they required, recommended, and suggested, except the MGMT 211 only taught at Blinn. I have 70 hours and worked full time for the local sheriff’s office. I will be applying to the School of Mays for Management information systems. I am Phi Theta Kappa. Graduated Magna Cum Laude. I have 2 letters of recommendations one form the sheriff and the other from the department chair of business at my community college. I have 2 C’s one in English 1301 and the other in BCIS 1405 Business Computer Applications, my first semester in college in spring 2015. I then dropped out and came back in the summer of 2016 and have nothing but A’s in everything else. I have a killer essay and the advisers at TAMU all say I have a good shot but I want to hear what you guys think. What do you think my chances of getting accepted are?

@wonderlust1 I think you have an excellent shot at getting into TAMU, but not sure about Mays simply because it is so competitive for transfers (100 accepted). Your GPA and extras look great. I’ll be anxious to hear what happens. With your stats, I think you definitely deserve Mays. Best of Luck and please keep us posted!

Who all is trying to transfer to Mays next fall and what all are your GPAs, classes taken, extra curricular, etc?

To reciprocate:

I only have two finals left and a high potential of ending with a 4.0 or at least 3.93. I have all A’s right now, and I will have taken all of the required coursework on the transfer worksheet by the end of this semester as well as the recommended BUSI 2371 course which I’m taking online with Blinn. I will be applying with 45 transferable hours meaning they have an actual grade associated with them and 15 credited hours I earned through AP courses in high school. I only need to take one science class next semester for my associates degree. I’ve worked a steady job all semester as well averaging a decent 15 hours of work a week. I’ve also been managing a scholarship program I created.

I feel my chances are pretty decent, but you never fully know what’s going to happen with admissions.

@ExcGunnar I’m pretty sure you will not have any trouble transferring into Mays. Well done and please keep us posted. When is the deadline for Fall to apply?

@AggieMomhelp The Fall 2019 Transfer application opens on Jan 1st and closes March 1st. I’ll be sure to keep my application status updated here.

Hey Guys! I am wondering my chances on getting into Mays. @ExcGunnar @AggieMomhelp

I have a 4.0 GPA with 2 classes left that I am taking at the moment, I have completed every class on the transfer guide including the BUSI 2371 class at Blinn that I am taking online right now. I have an essay that is decent, getting help from a former admissions counselor. I will have 65 hours in total, but I am not apart of any clubs, all that I have is volunteer hours from coaching a recreational baseball team. I work around 11 hours a week.

My local transfer adviser said I have a pretty good chance of getting admitted, but could not being in Phi Theta Kappa or other clubs hurt my chances?

So you’re applying for Fall 2019 as well? Your stats rank up there with the others I’ve seen on here for transfer into Mays (or slightly better since 4.0). Make your essay stand out to compensate for lack of ECs, but I will say, ECs in college are harder to come by than HS, so I wouldn’t stress about that. Good luck and keep us posted.

@Walker03 It sounds like you have prepared and everything in order as well. I’m looking forward to being your fellow Aggie.

Does anyone know if Mays accepts ARTS 1301 as a creative arts credit? My advisors say yes because I’m core complete. but A&M says they accept the credit but cannot say with certainty that it will transfer as a cultural arts credit.
the course equivalency says…

TRNS: Transfer by Course Title - Texas A&M did not have an equivalent course at the time of evaluation but course does transfer.

Does that mean it counts? A&M can’t tell me for sure yes or no…

my apologies I meant creative arts, not cultural arts

@wonderlust1 Once accepted, speak to the advisor in your college. They can make things happen. What is Arts 1301?

@wonderlust1 I'm taking ARTS 1301 right now as well. I asked my Dallas transfer advisor the exact same question and this is the answer I received in email.

However, the individual academic departments have the authority to request coursework substitutions. For example, Mays Business School could choose to apply this TRNS art course towards the Creative Arts component of your Core Curriculum. This is entirely up to the discretion of the department.

Unfortunately, Mays is unlikely to tackle this problem until after you have (hopefully!) been admitted and are meeting with one of their academic advisors at your Transfer Conference in the summer. If I were to make an educated guess, I would say it is likely they will be willing to request this substitution. I would recommend holding off on signing up for a different Creative Arts class in the spring.

Since Mays does not view the Creative Arts course as a requirement for admission, it should not have any impact on your admissions chances either way. And in the worst case, you would simply have to take another creative art course at TAMU once you are enrolled.

I hope this helps!

Arts 1301 is art appreciation

With all the 4.0+ and 3.9+ I’m starting to get nervous about my 3.80… -_-
How many of you have completed the BUSI 2371? Do you guys think it will be that big of an issue that I didn’t take that class since it’s only taught at Blinn? Do you think if I registered for it in the Spring and sent my transcript showing that it was in progress if that would help?

@wonderlust1 BUSI 2371 should not play a huge role in your application review TAMU is aware that the class is only offered at blinn and should not hold that against you. You will just have to take the class while you take classes at Mays. I am taking it now so I don’t have to take it while at Mays, if i get accepted, and I definitely recommend you take at blinn with Professor Scholze. Hopefully we can become fellow Aggies in the near future!! Good Luck and keep us updated!

I’m right with you with a 3.8 and no BUSI 2371. Ive completed everything else on the required and recommended list. Hope it all works out for both of us.

I would highly recommend taking Bus2371 at Blinn. That class is a killer at TAMU. The prof is known for being one of the hardest in Mays. So yes, I would sign up for it in the Spring if it’s still open.

@alirhasan96 I want more people to come in with their stats so I can compare myself to them lol. I’m really excited to apply!!! I don’t know why but something tells me I’m gonna get in. I just got a good feeling that we got this.