TAMU Transfer Fall 2019

hi, I will be applying for texas a&m college of education, and after this year (freshman year)I will have about 36 hours. I’m applying for sophomore transfer for Fall 2019. I have a 3.25 gpa end of first semester of freshman year, and I wanted to know my chances for getting in the college of education or science I have plenty of community service hours. I’m in two student organizations, and apart of a fraternity. what are my chances? (I am a biochem major looking to stay that major or go to elementary education)

@jordanislooking1 I think you have a solid chance. Write your essay with some passion behind why ATM and why education. Also, it’s a good idea to come meet with an education advisor. This will show you are serious and you can put that in your essay. Food for thought. Good luck and keep us posted!

If you get rejected does TAMU still offer Blinn even though we’re rejected by transfer

@paul5678 No blinn offers are only for freshmen.

@AggieMomhelp hi I’ve been following the thread. I applied to construction science and had landscape architecture as my second major for fall 2019 with a 3.36 GPA (transfer audit). I’ve also done summer internships for my major to make my application look good. I was taking the recommended math course this past semester so they requested my spring grades. I ended up making a 3.5 this semester, what are my chances of getting in? I’m dying waiting on a decision!!

@fresh200 I think you have a great shot at CoSci!!! Great department and college. My nephew graduated last December and he was so prepared for the “real” world. Had a job before his last semester started. Keep us posted. I know the wait is hard, especially when you’ve been deferred, but hoping it goes in your favor. How many credits do you have completed on the audit?

@AggieMomhelp I have 43 on my Audit not including the 12 hours I took this semester

has anybody heard back from ag econ or ag business?