TAMU Transfers Fall, 2022

Anyone out there applying as an external transfer to Mays for Fall 2022?

I haven’t seen any yet on here. Let me know if you have any questions. Happy to help with transfer info if needed.

Thanks! I’m wondering why the lack of Fall 2022 transfer chatter. Mays added a couple of additional required courses for transfer this year and I wonder if that will result in fewer applicants. GPA is lower than the 3.8 that Mays historically wants, but all required classes are complete with A’s except for a B in ENG 104.

That’s great. Where are you attending school? And what did you put down as 2nd choice major?

Attending Blinn, 2nd choice is ECON.

That’s great. So if you have your required credits done and a minimum of 24 completed graded credits done by last month, I don’t foresee you having any trouble in getting admitted for Fall… Will depend how competitive Mays, but you’ll get 2nd choice worst case.

Hello! Do you have any insight on the review process? I know the applications are sent to the specific colleges, but who reviews them? Does each college have a big admissions team? Are transfer applications reviewed first come, first serve? Just curious what happens next!

Yes they are first come. There’s no big wave typically. I wouldn’t say there’s an admissions team per major but there is like a review committee. Best to definitely apply early!

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I just applied for transfer for fall 2022. I just got my transfer audit, does anyone know what that means as far as how soon I will find out. Also can I have a second opinion on if I might get in. I have a 4.0 gpa at blinn but an overall 3.33 from my dual credit classes. I applied with 5 volunteer experiences and have work experience as well CPR certification and a member of two clubs. I am applying for kinesiology Motor Behavior and have a total of 30 hours. I have competed half of the pre requisites and am working on the second half this semester.

I would hope they look at your upward trend. Dual credit you’re still a kid lol.

I think you have a great shot. Audit is done by admissions office. Acceptance is done by the specific major. So… no clue how long it will take.

Is it rolling admissions for transfer applicants? I’ve heard conflicting information. I called general admissions yesterday and was told it is not rolling for transfer applicants, and that the earliest we will hear is April. That said, I feel like the answer depends on who you ask. What have ya’ll heard?

Gotta love the admissions office. So for transfers it runs through admissions to verify all is there and meet requirements for your intended major. Then it goes to your actual major/dept. They have a team there that will review and approve or deny transfer admissions. If denied, it’ll roll on to your next choice major for review.

Each major/dept. does their own acceptances and it’s up to them when you will be notified. Some do hear early, like feb and some could roll into april like AO said. BUT there’s no one release date of offers.

Hope that helps.

Thank you! I’m glad to hear there’s a chance to hear back before April. First choice major is Economics.

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Great department and great advisors. My son started in econ then went to Mays. His minor is econ though. Loved it!

So glad to hear you are pleased with the department. Thanks for the encouragement!

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Hi everyone,

I have applied for Fall 2022. My application is under review, but it looks like they kicked back the lab that goes with the biology class that I took in Spring 2021 at a junior college. The biology class is a number that A & M accepts and has on their basic requirements transfer sheet, so any thoughts as to why they would not accept the lab that goes with it? Any advise? Thanks in advance!

So your degree audit didn’t show it/accept it? That’s strange. I’d call the department.

Anyone that applied as a Fall 2022 transfer been accepted?

It looks like Mays has started rolling out acceptances. A few people have posted about their acceptances on Reddit.

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Did they post stats with their acceptance? Like audit gpa?