Teach For America 2021 Corps

Hey everyone! I just thought I would start the TFA 2021 Corps group. I am looking forward to connecting with all of you!

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Hi! I just got in Early Admission for the 2021 Corps this evening. Do you have any idea on when we’re going to get our region/classroom placements?

Anyone else waiting for decisions to be released next week? How did you feel about the final interview?

I applied the October 16th cycle. Waiting to hear if I’ve been invited for an interview. Super nervous!!! How did y’all interviews go? How was it virtually?

I just got an interview! Have you checked? @abbysm99

@mrs13g Yes I did too! Congrats!! I’m excited but nervous all over again. I feel like there is so much to complete before hand.

@abbysm99 Congrats to you too! YAY! There really is ALOT to complete!

@mrs13g do you have a recruiter you’ve been talking to? I don’t but I notice a lot of people do. My college just doesn’t have recruiters here, but now preparing for interviews I’m wondering if I should reach out and ask for a recruiter to talk to

@abbysm99 I do have one! I didn’t get one because of my campus though! Before I applied I filled out an interest form on their website and she reached out to me! So we have been speaking ever since. Can I be honest though? she isn’t THAT much help! It’s nice to speak to someone in the program, but i have obsessively read through the website enough that I know what is coming and have no questions. So don’t stress out too much if you don’t have one!

@mrs13g how did your interview go? and what did you end up ranking? I’m so nervous!!! and after going through the final interview I want to do TFA even more, ughhhh the next two and a half weeks will be excruciating.

@abbysm99 hey! I was just about to see if this forum was active anymore! haha! My interview seemed to go really well… she said that she really liked me? So I think I did a great job. How did yours go? I also want to do it even more now… its a excruciating wait!

Here’s what I ranked in my top 5 but I haven’t submitted it yet because it keeps changing lol
1.) Hawaii
2.) Colorado
3.) Jacksonville
4.) South Dakota
5.) Tulsa Oklahoma

my major concern is putting a special needs region in my top five as they like to give those out to people automatically if they are put relatively high. What did you rank for yours?

@abbysm99 By the way, did you ever get a recruiter or someone to talk to?

@mrs13g I thought my interview went really well as well! he was super friendly and engaging and said he agreed with a lot of what I was saying. And Hawaii!! Thats so cool!! I did end up getting a recruiter, someone just reached out to me over email so I’ve met with her twice now, once before the interview and now for region preferences. I submitted my region preferences but it let’s you change them up until the 22nd, but I haven’t changed them yet lol. I ranked:

  1. Rhode Island
  2. Massachusetts
  3. Connecticut
  4. Philadelphia
  5. New York

so pretty much the east coast. I wouldn’t stress about having a high need region in your rankings unless you really want to be there. I asked my recruiter about that and she told me that placement is truly separate than admissions. She said if you are accepted your application goes to a completely separate team that places you, so it’s not even the same people

@abbysm99 yeah… I am just concerned that If I get in that they are automatically going to be me in the high needs region because its relatively high on my list. My recruiter said if I get in she thinks I am automatically going to be put there because i put it 5th.

OH WELL! I am hopeful either way. NOW FOR THE LONG WAIT! lol. What did you do your lesson plan over? I went over a few seconds but my interviewer was really sweet so she didn’t care.

@abbysm99 I finally submitted my preferences. Heres what I put down:

1.) Hawaii
2.) Colorado
3.) Jacksonville
4.) Oklahoma City
5.) Tulsa Oklahoma

@mrs13g Oh I see what you mean. Yeah there probably is a pretty high chance that you’ll be placed in a high needs region if its relatively high on your list. My recruiter said to really pay attention to the top 4, because that is where you will most likely be placed and if you put a high need region in the top 4 you’ll most likely go there. But who knows how the whole process works. I did my lesson on the elements of art! but I only covered the first two (line and shape), and made it seem like a continuous unit that we would continue later in the week. I finished in time but barely. I had my final activity on the screen and my interviewer only got to engage with it for like 15 seconds but at least he saw it and got the point.

I’ve read that Colorado is a really cool region. I don’t know much about Hawaii but I feel like you can’t go wrong there lol.

Did your recruiter say anything about recruitment this year? I’m wondering with COVID if there has been less applicants than usual. Ugh, I’m so concerned about regions and already thinking about where I could teach and we don’t even know if we’re accepted yet. Such a painful wait!!!

@abbysm99 YAY! Have you read much about the regions you put down? I haven’t read much about the north east but it sounds fun! What grade levels are you interested in?

No she didn’t say anything about recruitment, did yours? But I know for a fact that the number of people that apply for TFA lowers every year so that does give us a better chance. (EX, they used to receive around 50,000 applicants a year, now they receive more like 30,000) Since this forum is also SUPER DEAD I think that we are looking at a relatively low turnout in applications again this year.

Yeah I’ve read quite a bit. I go to college in NYC and I’m looking to leave the city and be in a smaller corps so that’s why I’m particularly interested in New England. I’m actually interested in teaching any grade level, but I want to be either a general teacher or English or history. wbu? and no mine didn’t say anything of recruitment I was too nervous to ask her that too lol. but I was thinking the same thing about the form that it is soooo dead. like the past years there would be pages of people talking and its literally only us, makes me really hopeful!

@abbysm99 NYC? Thats awesome! Ive never been there but would love to visit someday! I put down that the only grade I want to teach Elementary school, But I am open to maybe doing some middle. My hopes is to be an elementary school teacher.

On Monday we will officially be one week out! I just wish we could know already. Like this week they could tell us if we got in and the next week let us know where they are placing us. LOL, oh well! 10 day countdown!

@mrs13g oh my gosh I know. I am so anxious and the longer we wait the more I think about it. Haha I really want it now, I don’t have many other plans for post graduation and really want to do TFA, so if I don’t get in I’ll be starting from scratch next semester. Oh well, is what it is, but the wait will absolutely kill me.