Teacher Procrastination

<p>When I return to school the 5th from Christmas break, I'll have 4 new classes. Before we got out on the 20th, my teacher for AP Eng Lit sent his students an email on the 16th saying he'll be in contact with us "in the next few days" about the class and an essay due over Christmas break.</p>

<p>But since then, we haven't received any info from him, and it's nearly halfway into the break. Should I go ahead and start on the essay from the little info he's given us so far, or just wait on him to send us the additional directions?</p>

<p>I would start on the essay from what you know so you have a something to work with. I wouldn't complete it though until he gives you enough information. If time is running out do the essay. I hope for the best. :)</p>