teacher recommendation

<p>Hello, would be it stupid to ask my Lithuanian teacher to write the recommendation if I'm applying to a u.s. college and have no interest in majoring in literature etc. ? I'm just thinking about asking her, just because I believe I have the best relationship with her.</p>

<p>Are you lithuanian? </p>

<p>For the US, they generally like recommendations from core subject teachers (math, science, history). However, this can vary depending on what you’re applying for (if you wanted to do engineering, for instance, you’d probably want more recommendations from math/science teachers than someone who wanted to study languages). If you’re lithuanian, they might consider lithuanian as a core subject (they would consider english a core subject for an American applicant) in which case you should be fine.</p>

<p>To be on the safe side, I would get an application from a math/science/history teacher in addition to your lithuanian teacher. Most universities accept mulitple recommendations and having one from a teacher who really likes you won’t hurt!</p>

<p>Yes, I’m lithuanian! I guess I’ll ask my lithuanian teacher AND history teacher then! (:</p>