Technical Theatre Stage Management

There was a parent on this forum that provided valuable information as my student was trying to select a BFA Stage Management program. She was accepted to 11 of 12 programs and ultimately selected the program at WMU. Her first semester was outstanding and I have nothing but good things to say about her experience at Western. There was so little information about stage management programs when she began the process, and during times of Covid she was limited in her campus visits and tours. She ultimately narrowed it down to OCU and WMU because the directors of the programs were so impressive and student-focused. If you have any questions about the program at Western, we are happy to share. Proximity to Chicago was a factor and she has already found a summer position in “the big city.” Thank you to the participants on CC that provided help!


Hi, @TechieMom2021 – Your comment about there being so little information about stage management [and other tech] programs is why a few moms started a Tech Theatre Parents group on Facebook for parents of HS and College Tech students. If you’re interested in joining to pass along your experience, please DM me and I’ll send you more info. Congrats to your daughter!