Temple Film Program


<p>I am wondering if anyone knows how the film program is at Temple. I am looking at both Temple and Drexel for film production. Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks!</p>

<p>Temple's film program is MUCH better than Drexel's. Our program is supposed to be really great, but doesn't have the recognition that a lot of film programs have. A lot of kids in the program are kids who wanted to go to Tisch, but didn't get in because of lack of experience.</p>

<p>Hi thanks for your reply. So you are enjoying the Temple film program? We just returned from a visit there over spring break, and were very impressed with it. It is refreshing to hear that the school attracts a high calibur of film student...my son is interested in NYU as well, but IMO Temple had pretty much everything to offer that I saw at NYU in regard to experience and educational preparation in film...any other info you have would be helpful, thanks!</p>