Tennis or basketball

<p>I'm thinking about taking either a tennis or basketball class in college this fall.</p>

<p>Which sport would you prefer or chose to do and why?</p>

<p>Both classes will be held on Friday. I could take both, subsequently one after the other, but I'll be content with just one.</p>

<p>Tennis. Basketball is lame.</p>

<p>Take both.</p>

<p>If you are enabled to take both, then you should definetly take both.</p>

<p>If you solely want to take one, take tennis. I find watching basketball preferable.</p>

<p>BASKET BALL!/ Tennis is boring and no team work is involved =/</p>

<p>Tennis :D</p>

<p>It is a individual sport, but it's pretty social as well. Its extremely mental, and is really fun. You can have fun with friends, and meet new people too!</p>

<p>basketball is a much better workout. winning a game of basketball comes with a better sense of accompishment and pride..if you have a killer competitive basketball. if you'd rather be soft and nonchalant .. play tennis. basketball=more injuries tho</p>

<p>^ while I am going to say basketball I have to say that there are some rather tough and demanding tennis players. I know some pretty damn good state ones. The tennis players I know are pretty competitive and have killer instinct.
Also, tennis matches require a level of endurance equal to or greater than basketball</p>

<p>But, basketball is a better choice. The feeling you get from basketball beats tennis.</p>

<p>basketball is more team oriented, which for someone on CC is probably the better choice.</p>

<p>Basketball is so much more fun and athletic (though both involve a lot of running practices, tennis has "lines" which isn't so big in basketball because you never need to run backwards in basketball). And you do bond more with a basketball team than that person you play doubles with, especially once someone is defending for you and it's much more this "us vs. them" thing. Also funner to watch.</p>

<p>Yeah I certainly recommend basketball unless you're quite short, then tennis for sure.</p>

<p>^ even then! learn to jump and how to make tall people feel like idiots!</p>

<p>this girl at my school was so short (like 4 feet something) but was beast at basketball and volleyball, she just jumped incredibly high and ran so quick making everyone feel like ridiculous giants. she also had a crazy cool attitude.</p>

<p>I like basketball better, so I guess choose that. What every makes you happy I guess.</p>

tennis matches require a level of endurance equal to or greater than basketball


<p>i disagree...a lot. i've played basketball my whole life so i'm biased..but hell no</p>

<p>So have I. Watching the John Isner-Nick Mahut match, I don't question their endurance.</p>

<p>I don't play tennis, but I am positive that tennis requires more endurance than basketball. Think of running suicides for three hours. That is a tennis match.</p>

<p>Not really, I've done tennis matches and running suicides suck so much more. Tennis does have lines, which I actually kinda liked after a while (I don't know, I think my legs were just going crazy which felt fun). Basketball is also a lot of running back and forth.</p>

<p>So is Tennis, but with the agility and acceleration and a need for greater hand-eye coordination.</p>

<p>it is estimated that the average basketball player runs 5 miles per game. basketball requires enormous athletic ability and is certainly comparable to tennis..but it also has the highest rate of injuries of any sport..lack of endurance, no? in basketball you are using your entire body..sprinting in every direction, on your toes to defending, jumping, maintaining balance on the air, ducking defenders, diving, gambling for is definetely complicated and takes a lot of practice, but when it comes to endurance..just, no.</p>

<p>^^ But basketball has all that along with building up physical strength. I hardly had to go to the weight room for tennis, did much more for basketball.</p>

<p>I mean, tennis is cool, don't get me wrong it's a lot of fun and I liked it a lot. I just think basketball is more interesting and athletic.</p>