Tennis or basketball

<p>In tennis, the average is 9 to 10 miles. Tennis you're using your entire body. You even have to exert and reach opposite ends of the court. Balance is important, you sprint for a decent while in every direction.</p>

<p>I don't think there's as much body used, you stretch a lot but no, not the same physical body used in bball where you can be crashing in to people. I give that there could be more running on average but you just aren't jumping and there isn't as much tactical thought like in a b-ball game. Like tennis was just hitting back and forth but b-ball made me be more aware of where everyone was on the court, made me try to figure out who was good and who was best, who to guard, test out who guarded most, try to come up with plans around it on improvisation (especially since the coach would suck and not listen to the much better assistant coach).</p>

<p>9 to 10 miles? maybe for a match that lasts 3 days lol</p>

<p>don't do basketball if you are short</p>

<p>I agree with that being raised playing basketball, but in tennis there are tactics. Not as big and noticeable as b-ball, but consider this. Every player in tennis has a unique playing style, swing style, etc. You have to see how it affects the ball's travel, and aim and pick your shots, and place them.</p>

<p>and no seriously, statistics I looked up even said 9-10 miles average per match.</p>

<p>^those tactics aren't as noticeable because most of them are mental</p>

<p>Mental tactics are still tactics.
It's an individual sport, so it's not like you're going to see a drawn out diagram of every shot selection, placement, etc.</p>

<p>Thats impossible.</p>

<p>if you ran a 6 minute for an hour, that would be 10 miles. So no</p>

<p>mental tactics=more endurance than physical tactics? no.</p>

<p>That point made absolutely no sense. When were tactics and endurance intertwined in this debate?. Can you sprint in multiple directions on a court, exerting your body force, and still manage to hit a tennis ball with consistency?</p>

<p>PS: Basketball is superior in cardiovascular endurance, not muscular imo.</p>

<p>then why did you say mental tactics are still tactics? i'm just goin with the floww</p>

<p>^ is your floww heavy?</p>

<p>Because they are. That's common fact. Since when did tactics imply physical endurance is my question.</p>

^ is your floww heavy?


is it noticeable? :/</p>

<p>no, is your flow heavy?</p>

<p>^^^since you started randomly talking about tactics, i believe.</p>

<p>no, it was in response to lucky's tactical thought post.</p>

no, is your flow heavy?


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