Test Scores are missing

<p>I logged into my application tracker. It keeps showing that my SAT and SAT Subjects are missing. I sent all of them in the middle of October. Is it possible that they did not have my scores? Thank you.</p>

<p>No worry. You can log onto your SAT college board account and see which date they sent out. My kid sent out at the beginning of October, and it's been sent out 4 days after the request, but just saw it's been updated today. So most likely they received but didn't have time to update the system yet. By end of this week, if you still don't see it's being updated, then you really should send them email and ask if you should rush another copy.</p>

<p>It takes time for the schools to get all the test scores into the system. Verify with College Board the date that they were sent. The admissions office is continually updating the files.</p>

<p>If money is not an issue, rush another copy. I sent my scores before my application, so I got nervous and sent them again.</p>