Texas A&M Class of 2025...After you have been accepted...Q&A

Gig 'em future Aggies!
Please post your questions and answers here about going to TAMU for Fall 2021. Let the Q&A begin…

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OK, I’m still on the high of our DD getting 6b tabs today, but I’ll give it a go…If I understand, our next steps are housing (she’s going into the Corps, so that should be easy), checking Financial Aid, and registering for NSC. Am I missing anything at this point?


I believe those are the important things right now. Especially the housing!

Yes, housing Phase 1 is the most important. Be sure it tells you at the end that Phase 1 is complete. Many people think they’re done and they aren’t. Therefore, time stamp is delayed for dorm selection. You’ll get an email about Phase 2 which also confirms Phase 1 is complete.

My niece was in the Corps and loved it (no one loves their fish year tho). She is now an Officer in the Marine Corps. Good stuff!

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We tried to get housing done last night, but I suspect the site was down. We kept getting an error message. Is this something we need to wait to do after AIS has updated?

No, you should be able to do it before that. Probably just a site issue. NSC registration you’ll have to wait for AIS though.

My son will be accepting the offer to TAMU Engineering soon. After accepting, what are the immediate to-do items? We have already finished housing phase 2, I know we need to register for NSC and sign up for the math placement test. Is there anything else that has to be done?

He has taken a bunch of AP exams. Should we send his scores now or later?

Also, any recommendations on what residence halls are better for Engineering and the minimal meal plan options he is required to take?


Congrats on TAMU. Whoop.

Minimum meal plan is 100 meal swipes with 300 dining dollars which is $1347/per semester.

Here’s a link to the different plans.

As for living. THere are Engineering living learning communities. It’s in the Commons.

As for AP, no need to discuss with anyone til the NSC. Never take AP as credit until you speak with advisor. Once you take it, you can’t untake it. You have until senior year to accept them, so it’s best to hold out. You may want an easy HIstory or Pols class to round out a hard semester for example.

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Where are you seeing Phase 2. We registered for the NSC and it takes us directly to the TASKS TO CONSIDER/COMPLETE PRIOR TO ENROLLMENT. TIA

We did housing phase 2 back in October (not sure). We were able to sign up early since he was accepted back in September. Let me know if you need any other info.

He has guaranteed housing at Engineering LLC (Aston or Mosher), but his senior friend suggests Appelt Hall since he lived there. Do you know how competitive Appelt Hall is and/or have any recommendations? I am not sure if we need to email residence hall and tell that he is not interested in Eng LLC. Thanks for your time!

Appelt is a modular and they all go quickly. If you’re a single student looking, then it’s easier to find a “bed” vs. trying to find an empty room for 2 people.

even if you don’t get the room/dorm you want, over the summer things will open up and you can continue to change spots!

And yes, I would reach out to res life about changing from LLC if you listed that.

Thank you!

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Any recommendations on which dorm to pick for girls. My daughter will be joining Mays. Thank you!

@cheedu any Northside dorm, for Mays

@cheedu a LOT will depend on when you paid Housing deposit fee. If you didn’t pay early (September), your options will be limited. But definitely Northside dorms for Mays.

Oh wow! We didn’t anything but application in Sept. So better rush to that now. Thanks!

Stop and pay the $75 Housing application fee RIGHT NOW. Then you’ll go thru Housing phases; I think you can only go to Phase 2 currently. It truly doesn’t matter what you list/rank on the phases…it all boils down to what rooms are available when it’s your time selection-late spring.


White creek is also a good dorm for mays as well since on same side as business school.

Honestly, as freshman you take classes all over (or now virtually lol) so anywhere will work out

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Son has been accepted, but we cant find residency status (OOS vs In-State) in the Howdy portal? Anyone know where it is?