Texas A&M Class of 2025...After you have been accepted...Q&A

These are the locations of the classes.
Blocker, Haynes Engineering Bldg, Innovative Learning Classroom Building, Heldenfels, etc.

It’s worth looking up the buildings on a campus map if your son ends up with back to back classes. Generally, there is a long enough passing period that students can walk/bike/bus across main campus for back to back classes, but if one is deep in west campus, then you’ll want to add more time to get to class. Sometimes it’s just unavoidable, and I’ve heard that profs can be accommodating if you notify them ahead of time of the situation.


Any Life and Physical Sciences course recommendations? I heard of Physics for future presidents but those classes look full. Any other recommendations?

The other one I hear a lot about is Poultry Science. Also, sessions may open up before your Aggie registers.

Animal Science and Poultry Science are very popular, easy & enjoyable…as long as student attends class (not joking! My Aggie said many kids failed…because they never attended class/pre-Covid).

There’s kind 223. It’s a sport class plus health. Easy A!

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Thanks to you and @sapphire33 - great info!
What is the Rev Registration site for? It looks to have good info but is it just another option for a registration worksheet?

Rev registration is not supported by A&M. Its my understanding that it was developed by students a few years back because Howdy did not have a graphics view of one’s schedule. But now that Howdy has the graphics version, it is best to just do all schedule experimenting on Howdy via the registration tab and the prepare for registration option. Hope this helps and is accurate…

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I just used Rev Registration to input all of the classes he wants and it made several potential schedules for him. I then went into Howdy to see if those classes were indeed open and made the best schedule that Rev Registration did in the worksheet. It made it not as overwhelming to come up with a potential schedule. I agree, you need to work with and get to know the Registration Worksheet, but Rev Registration was a useful jumping off point to get started.


My daughter’s going to the same NSC! She doesn’t seem too concerned about working out a schedule…should I be worried?! Haha.

We are going Wed/Thur this week as well. My daughter is such a free spirit this whole figuring out your schedule doesn’t seem to stress her out, it does me though, haha. She is supposed to take ENGL 103 or 104. I cant seem to find 103 anywhere as a class.