Texas A&M University Class of 2026

@KleinCajun i have a current Mays student. I wish they would keep it at 1,000. The ‘bigger the better’ mentality is not always better. The growth in Engineering has only watered down the degree and reputation, made it super difficult for students to get certain classes, and the class sizes can be huge.
The smallness of Mays is what makes it unique and keeps it a strong, top, competitive program. I hate to see them add more spots to the program.
Campus is a train wreck this year-largest freshman class ever, overflow campus housing, oversold parking spots, internet can’t keep up, game day ticket pull taking 4-5+ hours, Beutel Health Center is booked days out, campus busses are standing room only & off campus busses are full and have to drive past stops, traffic is horrendous. It’s just TOO big.


Mays is expanding.


It is definitely needed, as it is one of the ugliest exterior buildings on campus, definitely needs an overhaul & some love. All of West Campus is an arm pit.
I still cringe at increasing the enrollment. The larger Mays gets, runs the risk of lessening the worth of my student’s degree. Bigger isn’t always better…

Homeschoolers can be given top 10%. Mine was. He is class of 2024.

I heard that c/o 2024 was the last year they did that for homeschoolers. My ds is well above the old academic admit standards for both GPA and test scores and received a top 25% rank.

My understanding is that he was one of the first ones given top 10%. Before that it was an automatic top quarter and the admitted by test scores.

I was basically called a liar by an admin on here two years ago for stating my son got top 10% because it had never been done before.

He had a 33 ACT.

I was told last year by an academic counselor (for my DD class of 2025) that homeschoolers will be placed in the appropriate quarterile, not the top 10%. I’m NOT saying you are a liar HSmomof4. I just think things changed last year.

My daughter was ranked first quartile last year. She was accepted fairly quickly - I believe she submitted in September and was accepted by mid November. (Liberal Arts - English)

My son (class of 2026) is showing a first quartile ranking on AIS with rigorous curriculum, 4.0 GPA, 1520 SAT and 34 ACT. (Engineering)

Maybe TAMU goes further with the comparison behind the scenes…? I don’t know. However, it’s my understanding that AIS will show them as first quartile.

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I agree… not calling you a liar. This is the first time I have ever heard of them doing this but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

Based on their website, in order to receive automatic admit, you must first attend a public or private high school in Texas. That is literally the first thing it says. 2nd is you must rank top 10% by application deadline. So I don’t think they will give any home schoolers or non ranking school students a top 10% designation. That doesn’t mean they won’t scoop them up though based on qualifications.


I’m very late to this conversation, but I noticed that it was mentioned that Forensics fills up quickly. My daughter has applied and is top 10%. Wondering what the odds are that she will get in to Forensics if it fills fast. She’s my oldest and this is all very new to me. Happy to have found this forum!

I think she’ll be good! Early is key with top 10%.

Keep us posted!!

Hi! Does this mean submit the whole application including test score, self reported grades, LORs, etc or just submitting the application in apply texas? I submitted on apply texas today but I haven’t gotten my ID yet.

You’ll want it completed ASAP if you want a shot at Mays. And you’ll know it’s good for Tamu when your status shows application complete and in review. Before then, I don’t think they even touch it.


Hypothetically if the dates stayed the same, would I get a decision from A&M if I’m accepted to Mays on Sept. 29th, if I submit my application this weekend? Or would I be a part of a later pool? I’m not top 10%, im top 25%

@Ff1042 1st day of automatic acceptance in 2019 and 2020 was September 19, and I think it was a day or two before/after last year.
Hypothetically, if you are not Top 10% and haven’t applied yet, your chances at Mays could be very slim. You’ll be holistic and won’t find out for awhile.

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Tagging on to @52AG82 if you’re Holistic and haven’t applied then you are most likely going to hear back in a later pool. Maybe into 2022. But if you have an outstanding test score or a great score and other solid factors, you could have a shot. But not sure why you waited this long. You’re a month and a half behind most applications. Keep us posted and please know we are rooting for you, but are just giving you the facts as we have seen them over the past few cycles.

Ps. This is aggiemomhelp… you reached out to me. I have changed account names. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hard to say. But go for it. Don’t worry about that at this point just get the app in this weekend and then it’s a waiting game. :grinning:

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Okay sounds good! :persevere: I had no idea the business school filled up so fast I didn’t see that in my research! I wish I had known about this thread a while back… I’m first gen so I don’t know who to ask or where to start a lot of the time and I’m navigating all this alone but this helps ! I was stressing about this but now there’s no point, whatever happens happens. I don’t want to stress anymore

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Hi aggiemomhelp,
Need some guidance on applying for majors that help with premed track. Do u have any recommendations on choosing a major? D is TX resident in 10%, 1560 SAT and 3.8 UW gpa. She will be ready in a week to apply. she is struggling between engineering school and neuroscience.

My daughter has 6 tabs as of 7:30 this morning!


We have 6 tabs too!!!