Texas A&M University Class of 2026

I’m posting this way in advance for the purpose of hopefully reaching high school seniors who will apply to TAMU this summer for Fall 2022. There’s a lot of things you may think you know but TAMU, like other universities, is a beast of it’s own with ins and outs that may or may not make sense.

For new students and parents, use this forum for questions on anything related to the application process for TAMU. Information is key, and you can learn a lot from those that have gone before you. Not to mention, once the waiting game starts in Nov/Dec, you’ll want the support. It’s a long wait for many (some are still waiting and it’s April).

For veteran parents, use this to help those who are about to go through the process. Parents on here are the best.

I also offer a totally free service for future and current Aggies. It’s kind of my mission/passion. Hope all of us here can help those rising seniors. My site is www.aggie2aggiehelp.com

Looking forward to the busy summer and beyond.


Hi! My son is a current junior in high school who plans to apply to A&M. Two questions…1) What is the earliest date he can submit his application? All I can find is the application deadline. 2) Can an additional SAT score be added to an application after it is submitted but before the December deadline? Or are applications reviewed as soon as they are submitted? Thank you!

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Thanks for starting this thread early.

For the stat seekers I’ll post these links early as I would think they would be most helpful before entering the process vs when you find yourself in it. I think the new data usually posts around the middle of October and will be the first set based on the admissions process (without “academic admits”).

Accountability - All Metrics This is a Texas A&M site where they lay out the data for you to sort many different ways.

AggieSurveys - Reports (Salaries and Outcomes) This lays out salaries and where the jobs were for the majors/colleges

Student Data and Reports This provides Common Data Set; Score summaries, and Enrollment Data

THECB Accountability System This site will break down the common data amongst Texas Public Colleges… Specifically Applied/Admitted/Enrolled


[Office of Admissions | Texas A&M University - Freshman | How to Apply]
Goto When to Apply
1 AUG it opens
#2 is for someone else

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Thank you.
Guess I didn’t look very hard. :crazy_face:

Trying to determine if he can take that end of Aug SAT (if needed).

Yes, additional test scores can be added. My son took a Sept ACT and was admitted in late Oct. He was a review candidate and I think that test helped him. Also, if a review candidate, please consider trying both the ACT and SAT, and numerous times if possible. The higher the better!


He is a review candidate. I’m confused tho. If he submits in August, but you’re saying he can add a test score in September…when do they actually review and make a decision on his application?

Do the applications of review candidates not get looked at until after the application deadline n December?

Trying to figure out the right balance between getting it in early versus taking more time to improve those test scores.

So many questions from this anxious mama. :crazy_face:. We are new to Texas. Moved from Michigan. This is all different than how it worked for our older son who attends UM. And all very different than how it worked when I went to A&M many many years ago.

Thanks for the help everyone!

Great questions. Here’s the deal… apply aug 1st or close to it. Continue to send in scores if they increase.

For review admits, they’ll review the application at least twice. In august and September they are primarily looking at and accepting the auto admits and looking at engineering since they go through another review.

Review admits start to hear back in October but mainly it’s the high scoring students that are slam dunks.

So bottom line, don’t wait for that perfect score. And let us know if of any other questions. There will be many and all of us parents that have gone before, are happy to help!!!


Another great way to learn about the recent admissions process is to read this years thread

Another great resource is the TxAgs Academics forum. There is someone from admissions on that forum and they also answer questions and give insight.

A&M is a super popular place now, with more students wanting to go there than there are spots.

I will be visiting Texas A&M with my S22 and D24 in early August. Both are interested in engineering and S22 may be a National Merit Semifinalist. We are OOS. Aside from the campus tour, what else should I plan (and whom should I contact). At the moment Texas A&M is likely S22’s top choice, though he has never set foot on campus, so any assistance in making this a positive experience is greatly appreciated.

What are his other interests? There’s a lot to do see. I suggest coming when school is in session to get the energy of the students and maybe fit it in on a game weekend.

The town itself has great restaurants! You don’t have to stay super close to campus to enjoy the town. Message me or go to my website aggie2aggiehelp.com and you can contact me that way. I love helping plan visits. Totally free service.


My daughter is taking the August SAT as well because the May one is the same day as her Prom :frowning: Results usually come back in 4 weeks so by late September so the goal is that we could add that score to her application.

@Peruna1998 Uhhh, take @AggieMomhelp’s offer now!

If possible, setup a tour of Zachry Engineering Complex. Perhaps the student recreation center. Maybe a dorm tour (you’ll get lots of input as to which side of campus is best). Northgate and the Dixie Chicken if only to say you went there. It all depends on how many days you have available.

Fair warning, it is going to be HOT in August. Not sure where you’re coming from, but dress appropriately and have water with you for the tour. Also, in my opinion, the worst thing you can do is over-visit any campus. Meaning, by the end of the day(s), the student is so exhausted and info-saturated that they don’t like the place anymore.


Hi! Does anyone here have any tips about getting admitted to Texas A&M as a home schooler? We live in Texas and this is our first time to go through this process; my oldest just finished her junior year and is planning to apply to A&M this summer. It is her number 1 school choice.

Howdy! Would love to chat and give you some insight on applying. I’ll message you.

My DS22 is in the same boat. He has good scores, GPA, and ECs but we’re nervous as homeschoolers. He will be applying to engineering.

@TD1999 and @Andi96 We homeschool as well (in the state of Texas). My daughter will be attending A&M this fall and plans to major in English.

Texas A&M is very homeschool-friendly and homeschool applicants are reviewed hollistically. This may have changed with covid, test optional, etc., but it’s my understanding that during the holistic review, homeschool students and private school students are “ranked” with public school students based on rigor of classes, GPA and test scores (i.e., slotted in top 10%, top quarter, etc.). They also look at everything else such as application essays, extra curriculars, work, volunteering, etc.

My daughter had no issues with the application process. TAMU did not require any other information for homeschool students that may be required at other universities. As an example, my daughter also applied to University of Texas and I had to submit a chart with information on every single high school class taken (description, resources used, type of class, etc.). I had heard that UT was “homeschool unfriendly”, but I don’t think that is true because my daughter was accepted there. It just took extra effort to provide the information required. SMU also had additional requirements for homeschool students though I can’t remember what they were. My daughter got accepted there as well. I mention all of this so you can rest easy that universities readily accept homeschool students (at least the ones we applied to!).

As for engineering, my son will be applying later this summer as well. We have several homeschool family friends whose students were accepted into engineering. They all had good GPAs, strong SAT/ACT test scores and most, if not all, also had several dual credit classes.

With a strong application, you don’t have to worry about homeschooling being a detriment. Just make sure you submit any additional requirements you may need to submit for your student at different universities.

Good luck!

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Thank you! Your post is very helpful and gives me an idea of what we need for engineering. DS is taking DE classes next year too.

We had taken UT off of the list because I was told it was “homeschool unfriendly” as well, but we’ll add it back even though I think he would be happier at TAMU…you never know. I already have all of his course descriptions ready to go as a few other colleges on his list require that. It is a 34 page document! I don’t mind jumping through hoops, just part of my job.

Overall, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how applications have been going so far as a homeschooler. I need to get it into my head that we aren’t unicorns anymore.

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Peruna1998 Make sure to signup for the Zachary Tour as well. It is the main engineering and they may find it more interesting than the campus tour (although I would do that too.) They are also doing academic talks. Both can be registered for through the Rudder center. You are also able to sign up for dorm tours. If you have to pick just 1 dorm tour, focus on southside, where the engineering commons is.

Thanks. We did. Any restaurant recommendations?