Texas Tech UMSI

Hey guys, I wanted to start a thread for anyone applying to Texas Tech’s BS/MD program. If you’re applying this year, feel free to ask any questions here.

With that being said, does anyone know how competitive the interview selection process is, as I have heard very few get chosen to attend the interview.

Did any body received interview notification yet for 2020 ?

My DS has not received any email yet. I guess they will be sending out interview invites towards end of january. Good luck to you!

Lets see , finger crossed. Please look out for some response this friday and post if u get yours.

There is a email and new interview tab is added to the site where we filled application.
Interview is on feb 14th . Check yours, it just came in

I got an email about interview. any stats available of prior years (applied/interviewed/selected?

Got an interview. Apparently 250 applied, 48 or smth interviewed, and 8 selected (+8 more as alternates)

Thank you @ PathophysiologyFTW For stats

Congrats to all who got the interview !!

My S (Texas, ORM) will be applying for next year and had a quick question.

The app asks for a letter from someone who can explain why he is ready for medicine. He doesn’t know any doctor well so has 2 choices. Request the doctor where he shadowed though he is not very familiar with all of my sons other qualifications OR request his hospital volunteer leader where he volunteered for 2 summers

Any suggestions please ?

I got an interview, but did not submit letter from doctor. I did participate in science fairs for 3 years and my HS teacher was mentor. She gave me a recommendation letter.

Did you guys took CASPER test or needed to take later ?
UMSI website says to take casper .

Yes, it’s required starting this year.

This is an excerpt from the TTU UMSI website:
“One letter of evaluation is required as a part of yourUMSI application, which must be submitted within the online application. This letter should address your readiness and preparation to pursue medicine and complete both theUMSI and medical school programs.”

If you volunteer at a hospital, you can ask the volunteer coordinator to write this. They can address personal characters like maturity, responsibility, eagerness, punctuality, kindness, etc.

Thanks @junebug20
That’s what we are hoping

CASPer has a practice test to let you see its format. It’s online and will allow you to take it up to the maximum time allowed. So, if it takes you less time, you’ll end early. These med school programs want to see how one deals with life scenarios. How you handle yourself says a lot about your values.

Good luck to all going for the interview!!!

Interviews and campus tour were very well organized.
There were around 50 students attended the interview. It was two 30 min one on one interviews.

I heard preference given to West Texas candidate . any clue how they are going to select since interviewer were not same for all candidates. There were probably 10 to 15 different interviewers.

S didn’t recall that he was told the result release date, but husband said end of Feb. Anyone knows when to expect?

Last week of March or First week of April