<p>What are the pros and cons of either purchasing textbooks ahead of time (for cheap) or buying them from the bookstore on grounds? Would there ever be a case where you don't need "required" materials? Thoughts and/or advice from experience appreciated.</p>

<p>pros of buying books at the uva bookstore:
-convenience (in case you change your schedule last minute and need to exchange…dont have to wait for delivery)
-you are supporting the uva bookstore (??)</p>

<p>cons of buying books at the uva bookstore:
-prices are usually cheaper online or if you buy used books from other students. i can’t speak for all books, but in my experiences buying online has almost always been cheaper. that or buying used books from students is the best way to go…that’s what i generally do if possible. </p>

<p>if you have facebook there’s a fb group “textbook exchange for uva students” someone may have the books you’re looking for!</p>

<p>I always buy at the bookstore because I lived in brown for 4 years, and my ed school teachers make custom books only available at the bookstore. sigh. but I really like supporting the bookstore, the workers are paid next to nothing (I’ve had multiple friends work there) and they really aren’t making much of a profit. They can’t sell book for half their price like college kids who just need some quick cash can on places like half.com…</p>

<p>Alright; I would like to buy online for the lower prices, but I foresee some hassle. But…maybe I will just trust the booklist.</p>

<p>A few things

  1. booklist is generally right
  2. you can wait till the first week of classes when you’re still getting settled to order books. No teacher expects you to have the books the first week. If you’re sure you’re in the class for good, then go order
  3. Amazon Marketplace is a good place, as is half.com and a few others; Student Bookstore on the Corner is good if you want to buy cheap locally.
  4. if you have a week or so to wait on the books, go buy them at the bookstore and make sure you return them on time. I did this every semester and I saved probably $1000+ over four years…then again, I was e-school and books were $300-$800/semester. GAG. (My parents wonder why I took the time to bring them home and dump them ino the garage with the full intent to sell…now, just need to actually sell them…sigh)</p>

<p>Sorry to be noobish but where can I find what textbooks I’ll need next year?</p>

<p>This is a really convenient option to get your textbooks through the bookstore: </p>

<p>[Search</a> by Course | Buy Textbooks | The UVA Bookstore - Owned and Operated by the University of Virginia](<a href=“http://uvabookstores.com/uvatext/default.asp]Search”>Shop Course Materials | The UVA Bookstores)</p>

<p>And here is the textbook list: </p>

<p>[Textbooks</a> | The UVA Bookstore - Owned and Operated by the University of Virginia](<a href=“http://www.uvabookstores.com/site_textbook_list.asp]Textbooks”>http://www.uvabookstores.com/site_textbook_list.asp)</p>