The '11-'12 NFL Thread

<p>So excited for this year, we already witnessed an amazing season opener. No, this isn't forensics, this is the real NFL.</p>

<p>Haha, I opened up this thread because I thought it would be about debate.</p>

<p>But it's about football.</p>


<p>Football! </p>

<p>... Football!</p>

<p>etc, etc.</p>

<p>I'm going to do absolutely nothing this Sunday except watch football and obsess over my fantasy team. Week 1 is an important holiday, people.</p>

<p>@ThisCouldBeHeavn Lol yeah same</p>

<p>Whatever... nerds.</p>

<p>(because sarcasm and the internet don't mix: I'm only kidding and, in fact, I enjoy football in about the most nerdy way conceivable)</p>

<p>that was a GREAT game, even though I am a Saints fan.</p>

<p>I'm not really a Packers fan but they are the hometown team, so I guess I respect their win. I gotta say, they looked GOOD. </p>

<p>I'm not a big NFL or NBA fan. I prefer NCAA (Big 10 all the way!) and MLB. Speaking of which, the Brewers are looking good too.</p>

<p>Haha yes fantasy.. it gets a bit obsessive after you have 7 teams, money and expert leagues with IDP and dynasty leagues. </p>

<p>Looks like Colston may be out for a while and Peyton Manning's season is in jeopardy.</p>

<p>I quit fantasy football after some ******** losses in middle school. Turned out I won both leagues, but it was too annoying to continue.</p>

<p>My ranty two-cents: Fantasy football is intensely frustrating when approached with the objective of playing it as some sort of literal "fantasy" NFL league. Obvious example is Cedric Benson, who I have on my team this year because he plays on an offense with no other playmakers and because the coaches ostensibly love him and love giving him touches -- and who is also probably the worst starting running back in football. If, however, you approach fantasy football as its own game with its own rules -- and as a game that is designed just for ****s and giggles -- it's awesome. </p>

<p>That all said, I prefer baseball (fantasy and reality). I'm something of a "free agent" in that I don't have a favorite NFL team, but damn if I don't love the Mariners. I think it would be cool to sort-of adopt the NFL team of whatever city I end up in for college (Oberlin=Browns, Carleton=Vikings, Vassar=Giants, etc.), but there are some benefits to not having a favorite team. </p>

<p>Minus well ask the obligatory question, anyways: who ya'll root for? If pressed, I'd take the Seahawks because of living near Seattle, but again, I'm mostly indifferent.</p>

<p>Packers are going to win it again.
Yeah I'm a cheesehead.</p>

<p>I was born in Chicago and still live close enough that I root for Da Bears. </p>

<p>State law permits the stoning of Bears' fans in my neck of the woods, so I try to avoid any slip of the tongue that would incriminate me.</p>

<p>Seriously though, I gotta respect Green Bay's fanbase. The city itself consists of a couple of shops and a handful of bars (one of them is also a football stadium). Yet, every game night, the cheesheads come from near and far, making the drunken pilgrimage to support their team. There's something very tribalistic about it.</p>

<p>ugh, screw the nfl, bunch of overpaid men doing what i'm doing in my backyard, plus it's so predictable, back-to-back super bowl champs, the same teams ALL the time in the playoffs, and passing, passing, PASSING. want real football? NCAA FTW, everything is unpredictable, and i mean everything, and these guys are actually playing for school pride, not some trophy, buuuut, besides that, go steelers! :)</p>

<p>Orangeblood. The last time someone has gone back to back was 7 years ago. And the NCAA is.broken.... no Boise State in a major BCS, Miami death penalty, Ohio.State somehow making the BCS and almost always lose. Give me a break. BTW go Pats!</p>

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<p>I live about an hour away from Chicago, but my goodness I hate the Bears. I always have been and always will be a Steelers fan.</p>

<p>I prefer the NFL to college, hands down. The fun, crazy week-to-week stuff that you get in NCAAF is always overshadowed by arbitrary and sometimes illogical rankings and a bunch of bowl games that feel pointless. The alternative is the college basketball model, which I do prefer, but has equally significant drawbacks. </p>

<p>The NFL is a perfect mix of the two systems. Every single season game feels absolutely vital and the playoffs are stupid fun.</p>

<p>I initially thought that the Colts would have a good chance at making the Super Bowl this year, but then I found out that Manning was injured...</p>

<p>At least the Eagles are looking good.</p>

<p>Packers for the win!</p>

<p>Eagles = all hype</p>

<p>@fdeb Yea, not to go off-topic but I LOVE the way the NCAA system works. March Madness is fun for even the people who don't pay attention to sports.</p>

<p>I prefer NCAA football to NFL for the tradition. Most of the college teams are older than the NFL franchises and some of the rivalries are fun to watch. NFL has a lot of showy, superficial stuff that gets on my nerves (like half-time shows, for example). I prefer the NCAA conference system to the NFL's. I'll admit that the BCS rankings are pretty dumb. </p>

<p>For example, I know I'm biased, but they say Wisconsin has one of the best teams in the country. (They beat Oregon State 35-0 today.) If so, why are they ranked 11th?</p>

<p>The BCS favors the SEC and Big 12 at everyone else's expense.</p>

<p>fdeb, I'm a seattle sports fan too. Die-hard mariners and seahawks fan, I also went to a sounders game today (free tickets from work)</p>