The "Bag A Week" Club

He will change his mind over time - I think my husband has. At first, he only threw out the ones that were worn or didn’t fit well, etc. Now I think if he went through them he would throw out more (I will donate them as they are in good condition).


Your husband has gotten up every morning for so many years and donned his business uniform. It is difficult to throw away that uniform and that identity, after such a long time. It will be easier once he has fully assumed his new identity, and whatever different clothes that one brings (hopefully casual attire - jeans and sweats).


It took me several years after my corporate life ended to finally get rid of most of the corporate clothes. I still have a few suit jackets, because I happen to love them, and I figure I can wear them with jeans. Not that I ever have . . . .


I retired at the end of January. Had been working from home since last March. Started going through my closet a few months ago and got rid of a bunch of “work clothes” including shoes as soon as I retired. Holding onto things made no sense to me. Why not give them away now when they are still in style?

H is just reluctant to get rid of things in general. For the past year he has only been in the office every other week so he spends more time in sweats/t shirts/jeans than in work clothes.


Just had my husband go through his work clothes - have a nice bag of shirts and trousers to hopefully donate to a worthy cause. Also, a pretty empty closet!


I am going through my work clothes, and just clothes I haven’t worn for a couple of years. I do better thinking that I can give things to someone who will use them. I have separate bags for “professional” and just regular clothes. I also dumped some things in the trash - yucky t-shirts, a pair of well-worn running shoes, some slippers. It was a productive day.


We took my husband’s old work clothes to a local mission that has a thrift shop. We had never been there before. They took it all and we were quite impressed by how efficient it was run and how large the thrift shop was.

It was great - only a few hours after going through the clothes they were out of the house and at a charity. After looking over their store we realized that they would take almost everything, keeping them in mind for future bag a week clean ups.