The Clarkson School

There’s this early college program called the Clarkson School, affiliated with Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY. It’s apparently quite prestigious and great for preparing students for college. I want to apply there my senior year, but I have no idea how it would work with real college admissions, high school diploma, etcetera.

If anyone knows anything about this program, could you share some pros/cons and maybe some personal insight? It would help :slight_smile:

edit: I meant to say apply there my junior year so I can go my senior year. Also, financial aid would be a concern. Thanks!

Hey I’m going this year if you want info

(sorry if this seems like a pry) If you’re low-income, how do you plan to pay for it? (This is an essential piece of it for me; I probably can’t go w/o significant fin. aid)

I’m not personally low income but I know a lot of people who are an the Clarkson School is paying for most of it for them but I don’t know the details of it

Oh, ok. Thanks anyway!

Do you know if students are required to live on campus or can they choose not to?

You don’t have to live on campus you can commute

Awesome! I live in the area so that will make things a lot easier. Thanks!

Do most students stay at Clarkson for all four years or do they transfer to other schools? If so, what schools are they transferring to?

Um, 60% stay at Clarkson.
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