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No personal experience with them but I’ve heard great things about the coaching at “How to get into drama school”. All Juilliard and Yale grads, straight acting.

At this again - for the fourth time! My youngest D is now in the process. My third is a senior at Boston University (Acting) so it’s been a few years since I’ve been really involved. My first struggle is figuring out the new format for CC :grinning:! Also, the time frame/deadlines have really been accelerated; when S went through the process in 2013-14, prescreens were few and far between and due by Thanksgiving. This year, we are pushing to get the unified prescreen material prepared before the end of August. Let the games begin!


Can anyone recommend a place to go to get prescreens filmed professionally? I know MTCA offers this but wondering about a studio not with an audition company? NY/CT/NJ area please

I am sure that the person who MTCA works with would be happy to work with people who dont work with them. If you would like his contact information please pm me

Thanks! Just did.

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My daughter is MT Class of 24 at Belmont; there are early auditions on both 10/30 and 11/13.

My D did an early audition ( also in the class of 2024) it was a great experience and they get results back to you in a few weeks, an early YES took a lot of pressure off & I suspect their new performance center is spectacular. Nancy Allen is a extremely nice person leading that MT program-highly recommend Belmont on the audition list

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Does UNCSA require prescreens? I read that you need to get your app in early as they fill up quickly but am hoping that prescreen filming would not have to be done that early (8/31)?

Last year they did not require prescreens. I think you needed to have your application in before you could schedule an audition, so you might want to start that early (I think I’m remembering correctly - they all tend to run together).

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Thank you I think that makes sense. Its like BW in that respect (no prescreens)

No prescreen. They require an artists profile similar to Juilliard that required a lot of specific work. The slots do fill up but not this early.

We can’t wait for the new PAC to open!!! They’re filming Christmas at Belmont there in December and then one of the spring musicals will be performed there in March/April.

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no prescreens required for UNCSA, what I did last year was fill out the application… they got back to me a little later to schedule the audition!

That time of year again! Best of fortune to the Class of 2026; may everyone get into a program they are excited to attend. My three main pieces of advice:

  1. I didn’t always find the expected cost of attendance to be accurate (only 40% of the time); it was more often either more or less than I was expecting. My takeaway is to emphasize other components of program fit for you when narrowing down the programs to apply to, and to apply to as wide a range of schools as possible that meet your criteria (which doesn’t preclude you from applying ED if that is what you want to do)

  2. Once you get into programs (if you haven’t sought and / or received the ED acceptance), definitely rely more heavily on current students and recent graduates and current families and families of relatively recent alumni when evaluating the programs. Others may have opinions about programs but we found these opinions not to be factually-based even if these individuals worked closely with universities (which was very surprising to us). We found programs to offer varying types of acceptances to students – some are very personalized while others have widely available information but much less personally presented (few if any visit opportunities). The dichotomy in approach was stark, but we came to realize (in our cases) that the latter programs were fully engaged and focused on their current students, and this point was corroborated by the students/alumni/parents.

  3. See it through to the end. A few fortunate students get acceptances in the fall or January, and more hear in February, but they can even come in March or even later for waitlist candidates. See the process through to the end! You don’t control when you learn of a program offer, but don’t get discouraged if it takes awhile to learn of an artistic acceptance.


Good morning! FSU is handling auditions a bit differently this year. We are incorporating some lessons we learned last year that will hopefully work better for our applicants. We have a series of zoom Q&A sessions to allow prospective students to ask questions. Please see the flyer below. As always, anyone with questions can email me:
Best wishes class of 2026!


Hi MT Parents!

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