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MMC only virtual auditions for 2021 - 2022 cylce

Yes same as UMICH for acting only and Catholic (unless you live in Dc area)

Vent alert. New MT dad here and wow this process is ridiculous. I mean, as others have said, we know it’s going to be competitive and time-consuming but I don’t think there is a way to truly prepare for the number of hoops MT programs make you jump through. First, the fact that you have to pay two application fees to each program makes it unbelievably expensive. Most schools require you to pay the main school application fee even though chances are you won’t even pass the prescreen. We are currently at 22 apps filed so we’ve paid almost $1500 just in fees. Where is the logic in this? The craziest thing is that we are going through all of this work, cost and sleepless nights for the slimmest of chances that at the end we are granted the privilege of being allowed to give 150k to a program that once graduation occurs they have to start the entire process all over again for the right to work in a gig economy with no stable income, limited benefits and no respect from society. But then again, if my D happened to get into one of the stretch schools I’d cry happy tears and throw the biggest party the world has ever seen. My non MT friends look at me like I;m a crazy person when I try and explain this whole process. Its insanity. Vent over, back to researching more schools!


As I have said many times the one good thing about the pandemic season is that all of the auditions were virtual. My S got to audition for schools he never would have because it was easy to send in one more application and pay the fee since there were no costs for travel. Good luck in the craziness!


My favorite last year was Carnegie Mellon. Pricey to apply to the school then pricey to submit prescreens. Then she heard a no thank you within a week of submitting. Although on the one hand, it was nice to hear back so quickly, on the other hand it was crazy to think of how much we spent for the quick no!


Schools make a big big amount of money off app fees. I give respect to Syracuse, Guthrie etc who don’t make you fill out academic app until you pass the prescreen. Feels like more schools should do this.


Does anyone know what is happening with NY/Chicago/Los Angeles Unifieds this year? Are they actually happening in person? The Unifieds website is very vague, and there isn’t even a location listed for each city. I know you’re supposed to contact schools directly, but the website used to at least list the locations pre-pandemic. I’m just wondering if it’s going to be like in years past at a big hotel where a bunch of other schools attend in addition to the official “Unified” schools?

love it! the one thing i would say is that the theater degree reminds me a lot of the liberal arts degree. you’re not sure where the kid is going to actually land with that degree and yet there is inherent value in the training.
People skills, self presentation skills, project and time management skills are just a few things that theater educating gives our kids. and many of them will definitely need side gigs….but then again what does a kid with a liberal arts degree do? and when your kid has a passion for something to this degree, how do you say no to it? having said that non MT parents def think we are nuts but once it’s in your kids blood and your blood….what can you do !?

My D already has two auditions scheduled in Chicago and they are being held in person at the Palmer House Hilton downtown if that helps at all.

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NYC unifieds will take place at AMA Conference Center

Does anyone who is going to ELON for auditions know where the info is on what to prepare? We didn’t get an email about it yet (acting) but maybe MT will be similar? Is it just redo what you did on prescreen? TIA

Just fyi- this app is hard to access. I signed up and it doesn’t seem to take my password after I set it. Tried to reset again, but now I’m not getting a link in email. Not asking for a help desk, just letting people know my experience. :slight_smile:

hey fellow dad here, its so early & you figured this out already!! congrats LOL, nothing to say you are 100% right and commiserate…feel free to read my final decision thread. tears at the end & now a sophomore while I know I spent an ungodly amount, I couldnt tell you how much and the pain does subside though never to be forgotten, good luck to you, us MT dads are a unique breed

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Couldn’t agree with you more. We are new to the process as well and it is mindboggling. I keep thinking how crazy it must have been before the prescreens became common. I don’t understand why schools don’t let you submit prescreens prior to the full application; such a money maker. Best wishes to all!!


Are you talking about College Confidential? I keep thinking surely there is a way to avoid having to scroll through everything to see new posts each time?!

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College confidential used to be used so much more…ever since they changed the displays etc there’s much fewer posts etc. its too bad.


Is it normal in this process to wonder if you have completely misjudged your child’s talent and if the whole endeavor was a colossal mistake? The sheer number of failed prescreens from these top schools is disheartening, to say the least. It stinks that just a handful of people at a few schools basically get to decide these kids’ futures and whether or not they are even “allowed” to study musical theatre. For such a dying field with limited career prospects, they sure are particular about who they let into the club. Truly wondering how many kids in the past were completely shut out of every school they applied to and if they then had to choose an entirely different career because of it. So frustrating.

Hi there. It’s very normal to question this whole chaotic process. I am sure you haven’t misjudged your child’s talent - even though the audition journey is not for the faint of heart. I went through this process with my DS 4 years ago and thought I would never get through it. I hated people telling me to relax - that your kid will end up where they are supposed to be. I think lots of us (including me) get caught up in the bright and shiny schools and forget there are literally hundreds of great programs out there. We also forget that it’s a two way street and our kids need to love the program they commit to in order to have a great college experience. After my kid found his right fit (yep - they were right, he did), I knew there had to be a way to better navigate this process. So another MT/Acting mom and I created the STAR app which I have mentioned in this thread before. The sign up is free and it could help you find some of those hidden college gems - there is a database of over 340 performing arts college programs. There is also a great FB group called “MT Parents” that has tons of BTDT parents who are so helpful with answering questions about the audition journey. Hope this helps. Take a breath - you both will survive this process. (I hated it when people told me that too!) :rofl:

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I agree it can be so challenging. Years ago, my DC passed most big school prescreens and then was accepted at one school. They love it! But at some point the rejections come in whether in the fall or the spring. In 2019 one boy got in nowhere after passing all prescreens. Ended up auditioning the following year and is now at a “big” program. There are these kind of stories all the time. The larger Unified auditions are a huge eye opener as you hear all the great great voices coming out of the rooms! Try and keep your chin up especially for your child-venting here is a great start. They feed off of our energy. I’d recommend finding some non prescreen schools- some kids are better in person than on tape that could be yours. Try not to worry as a BTDT parent I can tell you its a long long season till April.

Yes many of us question the whole process. I think it would be unusual to not question it. Also would be unusual to not get frustrated by the rejection(s). Virtually all but a tiny tiny portion of the total sample go though this.

It’s hard to think this way when you’re going through it, but I viewed it as an initial litmus test to gauge perceived talent, resiliency, drive, and ability to grind it out. It really takes all that to have any level of success in the performing arts biz (with or without schooling). I don’t say this to discourage you or anyone else. It’s just really hard to “make it”.

So yes, very normal to question. Statistics prove it’s harder to get accepted into a “big” MT program than it is to gain admission to HYP. Consider this her first big audition. Regardless of results, what will she do with those feelings? I have to believe there’s a place for those with talent who really want it and the schools won’t define your kid. It’s just hard.

Best of luck!