The Final Barrier - what do fellow HSLers sound and smell like??

<p>The facebook group ended, to an extent, questions of what HSLers looked like, but what do they sound like??</p>

<p>Sound: You'd think I have a British Accent or at least a lot of British inflection.</p>

<p>Smell: Currently I smell like popcorn and Old Spice which is weird.</p>

<p>More articulate than the stereotypical black guy.
For being black.</p>

<p>Normal sound. Talkative?
Smell: nice. Showers daily, clean clothes, hahaha.</p>

<p>Sound? People tell me I'm pretty nasally... I agree. I hate my voice :P</p>

<p>Smell: I hope nice.. daily showers + clean clothes. Some of the kids at my school... make me want puke.</p>

<p>Sound? Not really. :P

<p>Sound - Kind of slurred, not much inflection. Mix of upstate NY, Canadian (Ontario) and Korean accent.
Smell - I don't smell like anything.</p>

<p>Sound- Good
Smell- Good</p>

<p>Sound: I have a very monotone, almost robotic voice. It's neither high nor low, in fact it's the most unremarkable voice I have ever heard.</p>

<p>Smell: I don't smell like anything, unless I use a particularly fragrant shampoo, in which case I smell like some sort of fruit (read: good)</p>

<p>(daily showers and clean clothes, obviously)</p>

<p>Sound: I have a slight Southern accent.
Smell: Victoria's Secret at the moment.</p>

<p>Umm...Californian accent? With the "duude" and "hellla" thrown around in my vocabulary. haha.
I smell like Axe Phoenix and vanilla butter sometimes.</p>

<p>lulz we should post recordings of ourselves :b</p>

<p>I have a low, teenagery voice with a "chill" accent, and I smell like dry cleaning</p>

<p>smell - armani exchange, armani code cologne
sound - sexy</p>

<p>im only wearing the cologne because i had an important event earlier in the day. its usually old spice or axe</p>

sound - sexy



<p>CPA, do you still sound like the guy in the * Paco from the Block * video? :rolleyes:</p>

<p>I was doing my rap voice at the time, so it is typically scratchier and less direct</p>

<p>Sound- I'm from the South. At Emory I start to sound annoyingly pretentious, as far as my Southern friends are concerned (I don't). Back home I take on my old, country voice. Some distinct dialect and some weird phrases/pronunciations that result in being made fun of when I go back to Emory or talk to Emory friends on the phone. </p>

<p>Smell- Idk. Deodorant/cologne/shower daily/new clothes. I guess good? I don't know lol.</p>

<p>Sound: Unfortunately, I find myself subconsciously slipping into what most people call a "Valley girl" accent a lot of the time. I am not proud of this but I use a TON of likes, you knows, etc. when I speak. But it's totally unintentional and everyone I know talks like this too. When I think about it, I can speak articulately and coherently, and it is my goal to rid my vocabulary of extraneous interjections and prepositions.
Smell: I just got out of the pool and showered, so a combination of chlorine, Garnier shampoo, and my coconut body wash which i LOVE! :D</p>

<p>I also have a tendency to slip into...ahem..ghetto/white trash speech.</p>

<p>^ lol same. I kinda have that valley girl/bimbo/white girrrrrl tone to my voice :/ (because some people mimick me haha)...especially since i unintentionally use a lot of filler words like, "LIKE". haha. & then add a lot of slang that people give me weird looks when i use hahaha. But I think i sound normal...i don't really know how i'd categorize though. What's weird though is that my accent sounds a bit different when i'm talking to my parents or a non english speaker in</p>

<p>smell: a combination of shampoo,some hair products, lotion, dkny be delicious or juicy couture's viva la viva (my fav), or marc jacobs daisy perfumes...depending on the day hahaha.</p>

<p>DanaEffinWhite, you seem familiar, but I'm probably wrong <_<</p>