The Final Class of 2014 Decision Thread

<p>"" - sounds odd coming from a self proclaimed atheist.</p>

<p>Congrats stargirl. (I am not going to try ur real name. I m sure it means well in Sanskrit.)
Texas A&M offers good merit based FA package. Their engineering depts have very good placement record.</p>

<p>^Not to internationals as far as i know!</p>

<p>off topic: i do know that UT Dallas offers good FA for international students. i heard undergrad students here get very good research opportunities. UT Dallas has very good local high-tech industry connections.</p>

<p>Should I apply to A&M?</p>

<p>^it's good for engineering</p>

Viggy, Ive seen your around on the SAT forum..</p>

<li>2080 (2160 superscored)</li>
<li>UNC Chapel Hill</li>
<li>UNC Chapel Hill</li>

<p>congrats blue_box. go and kick some blue devil butts.</p>

<p>Thank you, Tippu. =)</p>

<p>@aniruddhc, yea, my SAT scores are brutal, I need lots of help. </p>

<p>How many schools do you guys/girls apply to?</p>

<p>2070 (dont remember your exact score) is not bad on the first attempt..</p>

<p>applied to 12</p>

<p>I applied to 11 schools. Then I told Yale to *uck off. So I only applied to 10 schools.</p>

<p>Where are you off to, BigCheese?</p>

<p>read my location, aniruddhc</p>


<p>ten char</p>

<p>Which university is that? Google didn't return any relevant results.</p>


<p>Denison</a> University - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia</p>


<p>900 acres campus. W00T.</p>