The Final Class of 2014 Decision Thread

<p>Hey everyone!</p>

<p>By now, almost everyone from the class of 2014 has decided on which university they are going to so I'd like you to list:</p>

<li>Your SAT score (including the M, CR and W breakup)</li>
<li>Which university have you decided on going to</li>
<li>Which is the best university you got into.</li>

<p>This is the final decision/SAT score thread for the Class of 2014.</p>

<p>bumpp...sorry, I'm an Indian living in Canada, and I would love to see where fellow Indians are going to go for university and what kind of scores they got. </p>

<p>Go India and other South Asian countries!</p>

<p>^ You mean, go brown people!</p>

<p>Yeah that's what this thread was originally meant for but no one wanted to reply :(</p>

SAT Subject(M2-800,P-800,C-800)</p>


<p>and post your own too aniruddh :p</p>

<p>I'm applying this year.</p>

<li>University of Toronto</li>
<li>University of Toronto</li>

<p>To add more context to the reply, applied for Computer Science.</p>

<li>2400 SAT I, 4800 SAT II (I was afraid Harvard might not take me in if I didn't show at least one social studies subject)</li>
<li>UPenn, duh!</li>

<li>800 CR, 800 W, 550 M </li>
<li>Smith :D</li>
<li>This is kind of a weird question. How do you define best? Aren't you going to consider the place you're going to the best?</li>

<p>@gary7: You gave SIX SATIIs?! :O
Can I add you on Facebook?</p>

<p>@quasi: Naaice :) </p>

<p>Not everyone gets to go to the best university they get into! For example, my sister had to drop UPenn for Cornell because Cornell gave her some form of financial aid.</p>

<p>@gary: Sarcasm is lost over the net.</p>

<p>^he is just a seedha-saadha innocent boy.</p>

<p>I thought it was sarcasm but I wasn't sure :(</p>

<p>Do I earn the right to be on your FB if I have a 4790? :(</p>

<li>How many feet do you have? What's the DVD region code for Southeast Asia? What's the seventh number in the Fibonacci sequence? How many times has Gaurav Shukla NOT demanded to be on top in the broom closet?</li>

<p>(No, I'm not even going to lie, I actually wrote out my SAT score up there. Where's the fun in being straightforward? :p)</p>

<li><p>Well, it's not Green or Black or White or Grey...</p></li>
<li><p>Bob Jones. I was going to go, but they rescinded my acceptance when they discovered that I had Flo Rida on my iPod; apparently Shawtyism isn't an appropriate religion :(</p></li>


<p>Hi, I'm I s h i t a- an indian living in UAE. I scored a 1940 on my SAT I (M-710,CR-580,WR-650), SAT II- MA-780, PH-730. Scores weren't great. Got into Purdue, UCLA, Texas A&M and am wait listed for University of Michigan-Ann Arbor( I couldn't generalize on which is the best since every aspect is important). I've decided to go for Texas A&M, unless I get accepted from michigan, then the whole thing changes. So yeah thats it pretty much.
Good Luck on ur college experience!</p>


<p>@I****a: Amazing acceptances! Congratulations!</p>

<p>How is Texas A&M? I don't know much about the university. :|</p>

<p>Sorry I meant: </p>

<p>I s h i t a</p>