The freshman year.

<p>What classes and EC's did you do (or is planning to do)? And what was that year like, just overall?</p>

<p>Geography, English, State Requirements, IMP 2 (math), Integrated 2 (science), bio.
I did two varsity sports and AYSO soccer. We don't have any clubs or I would've joined.
Freshman year was fun because my high school is small and it was easy to be part of the community. Now it's a bit too small, but w/e.</p>

<p>Semester 1: Biology 1, World Geo Honors, Beginning Band, Algebra 3, 9 English Honors, Exploring World Languages.</p>

<p>Semester 2: Biology 2, World Geo Honors, Exploring French, Algebra 4, 9 English Honors, MGT Support (I took it for a computer credit, which is required).</p>

<p>I am a freshman, about to be a sophmore, and I am involved in Academic Decathlon, Student Council, and I voulnteer at my local library. Freshman year was definitely different from middle school, and while I was prepared, many things took some getting used to. However, it was definitely a jovial year.</p>

<p>english 1, bio, p.e., src, ic3, spanish, algebra 2</p>

<p> 2 kids (i tutored kids) and leo club</p>

<p>freshmen year was pretty fun...really easy imo...kinda like middle skool...just more homework</p>

<p>freshman year wow okay</p>

<p>honors alg 2, international foods, honors physcial science (or whatever that science is), band, honors english 9, honors world history, latin 1</p>

<p>I was also on the tennis team and was part of Latin Club and NJJCL</p>

<p>freshman year u should try out as many things as you can and decide what you really like so u can get strongly involved later on.
(i'm too lazy to post anything i did, sorry)</p>

<p>English H
Geometry H
World History H
Biology H
Spanish I</p>

<p>Marching Band & Baseball</p>

<p>Meh, freshman year was pretty easy.</p>

<p>Take hard classes but get really good grades. As in straight A's. You probably won't get straight A's junior/senior year, so freshmen year can make up for the GPA damage. That's my take.</p>

<p>And have fun. Seriously, have fun, and do what you like. Don't do stuff just to get into college. If colleges are impressed by what you like to do for fun, then good for you. If not, maybe that college isn't the best place for you.</p>

<p>Oooh, I'm gonna be a freshman next college. Not sure what courses I want to take yet.</p>

<p>Biology H
LA 1 H
Geometry H
World History (required)
French II
Music Theory II</p>

<p>EC's: Debate League, Amnesty International, Model UN, Radio Club, Science Club, Tutoring, Math Team, maybe one or two more.</p>

<p>Freshman year will be the easiest of your high school years. Enjoy it while you can. And work on balancing school and your social life (which you should definitely have).</p>

<p>next year ill be taking:
Geometry Honors
English 1 honors
World History Honors
Biology Honors
Computer Apps
Leadership techniques
P.E/Life Management</p>

<p>Not too sure about what EC's i want to get involved in yet</p>

<p>no way freshman year and junior year were hard. i thought. :p but freshman year was hard cause my classes were really tough and it was weird getting adjusted. after that, it was pretty chill. junior year was kinda tough cause i took senior ap classes, but that was pretty chill. i had a blast.</p>

<p>freshman year was interesting because at my school it starts at 7th grade with 15 girls then at 9th it goes to 50 girls and i've been here since 7th, soo it was interesting</p>

<p>classes: Bio H
Eng I H
World History
Theology I
Spanish I
Alg II

<p>ECs: Varisty XC, Varsity Swimming, JV Softball
Year round swimming 21+ hrs p/w</p>

<p>Freshman year sucks. But atleast it's pretty easy.</p>

<p>First Semester: Biology, Computer Programming, English, Global Studies, Wellness, and PE</p>

<p>Second Semester: Chemistry, Geometry, English, Global Studies, and Ceramics.</p>

<p>Yeah, the second semester was way better than the first semester...</p>

<p>haha errr i guess this is the brag about your freshman yr thread? :D i'll join in the festivities...</p>

<p>French 2, English 9 Honors, Honors Pre-Calc and Trig, Biology Honors, Global Honors</p>

<p>first semester: Computer Science 1, Studio Art
second semester: Concert Choir, Beginning Photography</p>

<p>i played on tennis team and ran for track... i'm in student council, jsa, fbla, computer club, french club, academic team, math club, yearbook, art club, interact, and literary magazine... and i play piano out of school... :D i love bragging</p>

<p>haha thoughts on freshman year: it wasn't that different for me, because it was the same people as middle school and about 50 people from another middle school... the work was not much harder, although there seemed to be more papers. in middle school, i found papers an exciting thing, it seemed so grown-up and professional, and now, having a paper/project/presentation due a day (different classes) is no fun. although there is somewhat more hw this year too, i've generally gone to sleep earlier than last year (i used to get like 3 hours of sleep a night last year, due to my aim obssession; although yesterday i did go to sleep at 4...)
when you get to high school, get involved, it lets you meet more people, as well as find out what you are really interested in. i've also heard freshman is your easiest year academically, so make it to your advantage to get really good grades this year, and spend extra time developing your one talent (hopefully!) or volunteering, as it would be wise to spend more time studying later. all in all, i find the best thing to learn this year, is to stop procrastinating... but then again, that's what i'm doing to my english paper right now... :)</p>

<p>^What math class did you take your sophomore year?</p>

<p>haha i'm still a freshman... i'm signed up to take ap stats, ap calc bc, and ap comp sci next yr... (i'm not taking electives.. already finished grad requirements for those this yr)</p>

<p>Ah, I see.
Just curious, what math class did you take in 8th grade?</p>

<p>biology honors
latin iii honors
english i honors
world history honors