The girl Asian why the person of the white? You like? ?

<p>What the **** is this! I read two sentences and decided to cuss at you.</p>

<p>I love it when supposedly professional companies and government organizations are caught blatantly using online translators in their signs in both English and Spanish.</p>

<p>"Please stop here." "Parar aqui."<br>
"The line starts here." "Empezar la linea aqui."</p>

<p>How about all the signs in China? My brother went on a trip there before the Olympics with a group at UCLA, and they all made an album (on Facebook) of messed up translations .</p>

<p>o yeah? My brother went on a trip to china and they sent him back because he sneezed on the plane</p>

<p>I threw a shrimp head from the airline meal carton on a plane to China, but it was a Japanese airline.
I got some looks, though.</p>

<p>And that's my random word spasm for the day.</p>

<p>"It pained me to read this.
I couldn't even breathe."</p>

<p>-agreed. lmfao, this is beyond awkward.</p>

<p>L o l</p>

<p>Woah. What the EFF is this bullcrap? I wanted to see a thread about asian girls and white guys, not this little weedy prank (although I admit its pretty funny).</p>

<p> I quoted Marik from Yugioh Abridged :D </p>

<p>"I wanted to see a thread about asian girls and white guys"
Is that the quote or is that just your usual creepiness?</p>

<p>from which language did you translate it?</p>

<p>Canonical endorses and provides support for three additional Ubuntu-derived operating systems: Kubuntu, Edubuntu and Ubuntu Server Edition. There are several other derivative operating systems including local language and hardware-specific versions.</p>

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<p>Translation</a> Party</p>

Is that the quote or is that just your usual creepiness?


What if its both mixed with a little sense of humor? </p>



<p>When using google translate I always translate my message into the language, then back into english. If it doesn't make sense I change the original english so the translated and translated back message reads what I want to say.</p>

<p>English to Creole to German to Thai to Yiddish to Hebrew back to English -></p>

<p>Nucandeiga Google Aevearazacne, how Staaandeyak Aevearazacne Sort Spraach Curiak not warrant Engalis. Enemy Neet Conamen, On Aevearagazacte pretty Arigyneal Engalis Aevearazacongi von Zane Anzag So how Meinen how</p>


<p>^^What if it is?</p>


<p>The French do not posses a translation for the word will..they just have a different ending to the word..haha so when one utilizes an online translator and types in "I will go to the movies", the translator will use the word "will" as in "document-many leave before death".</p>

<p>just like mind, conscience, and heart are the same word in chinese</p>

<p>English to Portugese to French to Greek to English</p>

<p>This line [fesi] me you laugh despite fode thus hard. As urine in my trousers hard. J'? also it expected you see her partial probability of line that is perverted in the white persons and the Asiatic girls. J'? </p>

<p>wt fffffffffff, lol.</p>

<p>There is no such thing as a free lunch.</p>

<p>English to Italian to French to Greek to English...</p>

<p>Us he is no something as it has lunch free.</p>