The girl Asian why the person of the white? You like? ?

<p>This looks at the girl Asian I like tendency anywhere have the person of the white. For example, way is hots for the girl this Korean in my Indian friend, therefore as for him it asks to her, in me she' If you called; S which can make interest cause. Me concerning the topic when trying the fact that it gets near to her, as for her, " You said; As for me in just person of white! Date is entered!! " I * the way, thought of these centers entirely I don' Passing by my brain, it possessed the fact that it runs; t really we would like to share. There are all theoretical bases in this unusual conduct or in case of me the occurrence which is isolated? Simply is? ? Discuss.</p>


<p>did you write this in another language and then put it through a crappy online translator?</p>

<p>nah i just wanted to see how bad babelfish was so i used japanese and back.. *** is this... lol</p>

<p>It pained me to read this.
I couldn't even breathe.</p>

<p>get you trigger on! way to do is bang bang all way.</p>

<p>^ lmao, that's awkward.</p>

<p>whoa- never use an online translator- amen.</p>

Passing by my brain, it possessed the fact that it runs;


<p>Man, that's exactly how I feel!</p>

<p>Lol, that is the most ridiculous sentence I have ever seen.</p>

<p>I read on a box at a supermarket that "This package can only be sold as a package."</p>

<p>Try translating through several different languages and then back to the original one.</p>

<p>For example: "I want to one day become the leader of the world and be in a famous rock band" when translated from English to Spanish to German to French to Greek to Russian to Japanese to Estonian to Czech to English becomes "I hope, and now is in the world in one of two famous rock group." </p>

<p>Translators are only good for words, not complete sentences.</p>

<p>It loses pleasantly to you of duration of life. And the translators aren' ; in the line? obviously effective t well for the words, qu' parce; [] don' aytoes; ; t weet he corresponds that it he is. But they still only spit d' ; corner a word or a d' ; to speak; a coordination to which it designs, to that it d' ; Idea qu' it does not choose qu' it to if the translator only if it don' ; he uses; t they know absolutely something l' ; l' other language.</p>

<p>i read about have of it and gave up. i almost thought this was serious.</p>

<p>From English to German to French to Spanish to English, and still surprisingly coherent:</p>

<p>The average theorem indicates in the geometric language qu' there is at least a point on the diagram between l' To and the B, to which the Tangentelinie is parallel to the Sekantenlinie.</p>

<p>I love how all three languages left at least one word in.</p>

<p>epic fail online translators.</p>

<p>Thread here is in capturing my love.</p>

<p>Original: I really have to go to bed now, but I don't want to.</p>

<p>Translated to various languages & back: J' where is necessary; In me the futures defends in the bed and the seeking inland will not be, but, we are not assistance.</p>


<p>You like?!?!?!</p>

<p>It does not place the original version. </p>

<p>"way is hots for the girl this Korean in my Indian friend"</p>

<p>OP, hallelujah you've found the goldmine of procrastination. Never thought I'd resort to babelfish to amuse myself.</p>

<p>I translated the same sentence multiple times, from English (through all of the below) and back to English
English >> "I want to eat a sandwich" >> Spanish >> "Quiero comer un bocadillo." >> Arabic >> "أريد أن أكل وجبة خفيفة" >> French "Je veux manger un snack" >> German >> "Ich möchte essen Snack" >> English >> "I want to eat snack"</p>

<p>Using Google's translator.
Though I asked for a sandwich, not a snack. But I guess a sandwich could be snack-ish.</p>