The Grandparent Thread

Congratulations, @FallGirl! A baby girl! Wonderful! I’m glad you were able to hold your precious granddaughter! Enjoy every snuggle.


My GD says all of her grandparents’ names … but mine. She has a sign instead. My H used to keep a picture of me on his desk at work, and he put it on a shelf in our family room when he retired. GD has adored the picture from the start, and she loves to kiss it. It’s ten years old, and I look a lot different now (including long, gray hair instead of short, reddish hair) … but she knows it’s me. The picture was done by a professional & it’s posed. The photographer had me rest my chin on my knuckles. Every time GD sees the picture, she touches her hand to her chin. Now that she’s talking, she touches her hand to her chin whenever she sees me & whenever she’s asked to say my name. I feel very special!


I love this @kelsmom !

I realized toddlers live in the moment and do great mindfulness.