The Grandparent Thread

VeryHappy, I wish that we could have babysat but the parents dismiss any concerns about children and Covid as foolish overreactions and would be angry at the implication that they were doing something unsafe.

D has made it clear that H and I are not to say another word to them about Covid, masks, vaccinations, etc. We were also invited to a party at their house and declined without giving any reason, just said we’re sorry we cannot come. D said she expected us to refuse but felt she had to ask anyway.

We continue to babysit in our home a couple of times a week so we won’t be strangers if the need arises for us to provide long term care at some point. It’s the biggest risk we take.


@silpat: I’m so sorry you need to take that risk just to take care of your grandchild.

Awwww, I am “nana” too. Sounds sooo sweet!


Congratulations to you and your family, @rockymtnhigh2! I’m happy to hear that everything is going well!


GD#2 arrived this morning! Rough pregnancy for DIL, so glad it’s over. I’m staying with GD1 who turned 3 yesterday. All are doing well.


Congratulations!! Wow, their birthdays are one day apart!


@dentmom4 ~ Congratulations to you and your family! How nice to have this time with GD1.

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I flew to stay with my 27 month old GD for 48 hours so her parents could have a break. Work, life with a toddler and a pandemic was causing the adults more stress than one of them could handle. I gladly accepted the invitation to stay with GD and help the parents get back on track.

I thought I knew what to do, and my daughter had left detailed instructions, or so I thought! For dinner last night, GD informed me I did not put a bib on her; it wasn’t a messy dinner, so didn’t think about it. At bedtime I didn’t understand which book she wanted me to read; she has made up name for some of them, so it took us awhile to find the right book. She instructed me as to which park we were going to, and which way to go. Once there for 10 minutes she decided it was time to go to “The Target Store” as I told her last week we would go. Up to a month ago, she hadn’t been in a store since she was an infant. She was great about keeping her mask on which her mother makes her do when out in public, which is rare.

This child may turn out as bossy as her mother :scream:


So it turns out Mon the 30th, DD’s MD was delivering two babies in between seeing patients. So even though she was dilated a lot, she waited until an open appt Aug 31st - DD was dilated 6. So no surprise that she did have her water break and contractions that evening. The nurse on the unit was ‘training’ someone and kept DD in triage area a long time - and maybe in part that they needed to get her delivery room ready. Once she got into the delivery room, she got the epidural. DD said her hormones had kicked in while in triage, where she wanted to sleep in between contractions. The hospital which only was built a few years ago already has expanded the labor/delivery/newborn area. They also had to keep her in a delivery suite until another room opened up for her to move into a post delivery room.

With her other two (also born at that facility) did not have the triage situation. First was coming right from MD office after her water had broken earlier, and the other was a scheduled induction with what MD thought was extra big baby (his head measured big compared to his body). 3rd baby was big/weight 8 lb 10 oz.

Hope for a ‘pause’ with any future children while son in law is hopefully getting a career move done. 3 young children under age 4 is busy with two working parents and no family closer than 100 miles. However with DH and I now retired, we are available. SIL’s parents unfortunately have health issues.

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Congrats to everyone! DIL#2 is in her 4th month!


Yay for all these babies! We are definitely in a post Covid baby boom! DD is just hitting viability with GD, (almost 24 weeks) due in January, and DIL is now just over 17-weeks with GD due March. Time seems to be moving faster…. We are all gathering together at an AIRBnB lake house the weekend after next, and it will be good to see my DIL and DS and talk baby plans.
DD was Pfizer vaccinated just before she got pregnant, so will get a booster later this month.


I know the recommendation is for all pregnant women to be fully vaccinated for Covid 19. I hope that all of our pregnant and trying to get pregnant daughters and daughters in law are vaccinated for their safety and the safety of their unborn child.
With that said @anxiousmom I’m curious what you have heard about pregnant women getting a booster.

I checked on my Italy trip today and found out I was returning on Halloween day, which would mean missing out on my GD’s first Halloween. Yup, I changed my flight to return a day earlier. I know she wouldn’t really know if I was there, but it was more for me.


Speaking of Halloween, D sent pictures & video of GD in a triceratops costume yesterday. She was so darn cute, I almost cried. Being a grandparent is the best!


@mom60 Her OB recommended getting booster at 6 months past last vaccination. Pregnant women are now on the recommended list for boosters since they are considered immune compromised.

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Thank you. I’m going to pass that along.

My daughter is about 28 weeks and just got her booster last week. She is a physician so no problems getting it. She had a sore arm this time but no other issues.

ETA, I got to feel him kick this weekend. Just one, but pure joy.


Being with the grandkids (now 3 of them) and their parents for several days was grand. Slowly giving guidance to DD and SIL and hearing updates on the final efforts on his career search elsewhere. GD, the baby and DD took me out for breakfast (for my birthday, a day early as I was getting back to DH that evening) while SIL played with 2 YO GS - that worked out great. We went to Over Easy (IDK how many there are elsewhere - I believe there is more than one though) which gives a good meal and we all had enough with the portions (actually DD took an uneaten waffle home). 3 YO GD sat next to me while DD had the sleeping baby next to her. While discussing various things, I didn’t even notice DD kind of raising her voice to me a few times, but GD said twice during the meal “Mama don’t yell at Nana!” So sweet on GD part, and it reminds DD that even if it is a sensitive topic to keep in check. It wasn’t like we were talking about anything in a heated way.

On my birthday, DH and I went to IHOP after church service and we had a nice time together. I did take half of my omelet home (as it was my day’s calories).

We just got on our Medicare supplement which includes Silver Sneakers - so we both signed up today at the center where I had a swim membership and we will start a regular pattern to go. I intend to be a more fit person and lose the weight gain I had over the last 4 1/2 years when I couldn’t keep up swimming and my 2nd shift work had me eating too late. Now is the time when I have the time and can set my schedule.

Our pregnant family member will be 6 months from her 2nd Covid vaccine later this month. Did any of the spouses get a booster?

My daughter’s spouse is getting his this week, as he is a physician as well.