The Juilliard School: Music Composition

    Okay so this school is part of my top 5 colleges (I currently have around 17 schools I want to apply to, and I already applied to around 10). I have been debating about this school a lot, on terms of when to go, if accepted. I have been thinking about applying for my BM, I will do it actually, but if I get accepted, I'm not sure if I should just go right away, or just wait until my MM. A lot of people told me that I should go for it if I get accepted, for many reasons, but I've done a lot of research already and found a significant portion saying otherwise. It's a pretty iffy debate for me. If you have any advice regarding this, go ahead and answer.

I would also love to hear from people who are current Composition students at Juilliard, either undergrad or grad, doesn’t matter.

Some years Juilliard only takes one or two undergrad students. I wouldn’t worry too much about this until you get in, given the acceptance rate.

The interview is tough: they seemed to want to test applicants’ will , at least 10 year ago that was true. But again, not that many make it to the interview.

Some people do feel the rigor and vibe are better handled at the grad level, with more maturity, but obviously if you get in, it is hard to resist.

I can’t imagine applying to that many schools. If you think you are Juilliard material, you could afford to choose more carefully. How have you applied to 10 already?

Are they all BM programs? Do any of them have instrumental auditions?

Do you have someone guiding you?

Hey! I’m also a composer applying to college as well. Did not apply to Juilliard but I know several composers there and my teacher went there for masters. From his point of view, the masters program is definitely far stronger than the undergrad program.

The (composition) students I know do love it for some reasons, but many of them have expressed regret choosing it. It is basically like a professional environment, which can be a very dramatic difference from never being in a music school for higher ed (meaning from high school)

Some people definitely thrive there bec they feel ready for this kind of professionalism, while others burn out bec they were looking for a place where they can really come into their own as composers with the stakes being a bit lower. I have heard Juilliard is quite cutthroat for undergrad.

However, if you really want that kind of environment and think it’s intensity will fuel you- by all means go.

If not, then definitely go for another conservatory or university. All depends on how professional you want to be during undergrad or if you want to grow gradually into that kind of professionalism

Sorry for the novel of a response but also-

Some of the best composers I know did their undergrad at a university or another conservatory and were able to go straight to top schools like Juilliard, Curtis, etc for MM (well Curtis is artists diploma). Getting into Juilliard undergrad or not does not define how successful you will be in the future. My teacher got in but instead went to USC and thrived. He went on to Juilliard MM but he would not have grown in the same way as he did at USC undergrad. Everyone is diff tho.

In short, my advice would be to focus more on what kind of environment would be right for you rather than how it looks on a resume. It is clear that u are v talented simply by the fact that u applied. Best of luck with everything- not sure who you are but I bet I will be hearing your music someday!