The Lincoln Center Campus

<p>I plan on majoring in international relations....does that make me eligible to attend the Lincoln Center Campus?</p>

<p>also does anyone have any thoughts/opinions/info about the Lincoln Center campus?</p>

<p>Most majors at Fordham are offered at both campuses, but not all. There is "Ram Van" service, like twice an hour, between Rose Hill and Lincoln Center, running VERY late into the night. Many kids take classes at both campuses for a variety of reasons. But they are different campuses completely with a separate admissions process. If you dont specify on your application, then Fordham Admissions assumes you mean Fordham College at Rose Hill (Bronx-main campus). </p>

<p>Lincoln Center is precisely at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts on Columbia Circle just a block or two off of Central Park South. Its an urban campus, much like NYU. It has huge and gorgeous apartment dorms, but they are in a high rise. Its a smaller campus than Rose Hill not only in square blocks but also in student body size. Lots of LC kids are theatre/performing arts majors, but not all. Its a special place and preferred by some kids who specifically want that urban experience in Manhattan. For others, Rose Hill is the best of both worlds.....urban in that it is in the Bronx and accessible to Manhattan by the Metro North train very easily (the Metro North train stops at Fordham gates), and yet is a typical college campus with lush green lawns and large trees, football stadium, basketball arena, dorms, huge libary (ranked number 5 in the nation), cafeteria, church, etc. Its the best of both worlds.</p>

<p>Fordham has a special major in International Political Economy which is a combination of IR/Econ/Poli Sci. </p>

<p>I would visit BOTH campuses and decide for yourself where you like it the best. Since you are near Philadelphia, its easy to get there...even by Amtrak if you want. Take the RamVan from one campus to the other, or go to Grand Central Station and take the New Haven Line Metro North to Fordham Road.....about a 10 minute ride and about 4.00. </p>

<p>IR is a very desirable major....lots of kids do it at almost every college in the country. Its "sexy". Its also very competitive. Depending on your ultimate goal in life and what you want to do, it is often possible to meet your needs by picking electives as well....being an Econ major but using the elective scheme to get great exposure to IR. Not discouraging you, but just giving you the facts. You dont have to be an IR undergrad major to get into IR graduate school....even at Johns Hopkins or Georgetown or George Washington or Columbia or NYU. Or law school for that matter. So you know.</p>

<p>Its a rigorous path to take.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>thanks .. that helped me out alot...yea i understand what you mean...IR is getting more and more competitive and popular every year...i am considering altering my major and simple taking electives, like you said, that give me atleast some exposure to IR</p>

<p>We just visited Lincoln Center campus. The dorms are amazing! They truly are apartments with views of the Hudson river and are right next to Central Park. My daughter loved the school. I don't know if that's good or bad. I'm fairly certain she'll get accepted but.......the cost of the school is astronomical -- about 50k for room, board, tuition and expenses. Yikes!</p>

<p>yeaaa im feeling the same way...most of the schols i want to go to are all around 50 a year....fordham, gwu, bu, starting to consider a public school like psu, or u of md</p>

<p>I'm in the same boat in regards to cost. I'm going from a school that cost $20,000 a year, which included everything, tuition, room, meal plans, etc. to one of upwards of $40,000.</p>

<p>I think I may just stay in my current school.</p>

<p>yea im having a hard time deciding whether or not the high costs of these private colleges are even worth it</p>

<p>PatM, dont worry too much....I have been accepted to Fordham Lincoln Center already, however i cannot attend due to the fact that i am getting basically no aid. I have to pay near to 27k per year and its a real burden. As much as i love the school, i am going to attend a city school that will cover me in full..and possibly re apply. That is also something to consider i guess.</p>

<p>thanks...yea i have considered that also....sry bout the money situation for you too....its a shame that we have to actually hold back to some great colleges bc they are so expensive</p>

<p>Financial Aid is NEED driven. If your stats are really high, they may be very aggressive as well. Further, may offer a scholarship.</p>

<p>DONT ignore Fordham on the basis of cost. Apply and submit your FAFSA and see what happens. EVERY application is reviewed for scholarship potential.</p>

<p>Fordham's policy is to give MORE students aid, and thus, the aid package is not always 100% of need, but it sure helps. It may be scholarship, or a grant, or whatever.</p>

<p>PAT....look at BOTH campuses. Lincoln Center is special and very "cool" being in Manhattan. But it is a larger graduate school and law school there than an undergrad school. If that is what you want, then fine. But visit Rose Hill and see.</p>

<p>You dont declare major until spring semester of sophomore year so you have LOTS of time to figure out what you want. </p>

<p>The cost is between 45-47 K a year, which is not the highest, but certainly getting up there.....many private colleges are the same. Fordham has higher room and dorm expenses being in New York, than say Furman University which is in Greenville South Carolina and has uber cheap dorms.</p>

<p>Its an investment in YOU. You will be likely working in New York when you graduate and earning a LOT of money. Consider that.</p>

<p>Private colleges give great financial aid and often reduce the total cost to something more manageable. Not a guarantee but a HIGH percentage of Fordham students get financial aid.</p>

<p>I wish their endowment was like Princeton and Harvard and they could just bankroll kids. But its not.</p>

<p>Of course, you have to spread your risk and apply all over the place and see what the offers are. But a visit to Fordham's campus in Rose Hill usually seals the deal. Trust me on that.</p>

These two posters have said that they applied for Fafsa and Fordham did not give them enough money. </p>

<p>I think your post is quite encouraging but sometime school does become hard to pay.
Good Luck!</p>

<p>It is a problem at these private schools. My son was accepted to Fordham and was offered about $20K in merit awards, one of his better awards. Sobering that it would still come to over $30K for him to go to school there. But you know, it was the best private college offer he got, and we did not qualify for financial aid. </p>

<p>Fordham at Lincoln Center has the absolutely best dorms, in my opinion, of all the NYC undergrad schools. Location, quality, etc. Fordham is also probably the best in NYC in terms of providing merit/need packages overall. NYU gaps a lot, Columbia gives only need, and the others do not have as much money out there to give. Of course, as an individual you can do better at any given school than another despite the averages, but I think Fordham averages out the best in this regard. I suggest anyone in the situation of needing merit/aid throw Fordham in the mix of admissions choices as it is an excellent admissions deal over all, and might be the best pick in the bunch.</p>

<p>My daughter will be entering Fordham LC in the fall, but is not eligible for dorm space because she's technically a transfer. We went and scouted out apartments, thought it might work to put her in a studio (very nice building with security) within a block of campus with a roommate. Are there any students out there in similar straits looking to pair up? Or students with multi-room digs in need of a second or third?</p>