The "new look" CC

<p>What does everyone else think of CC's new look? I like the new forums (international, transfer). I wonder if there's a spell check....</p>

<p>I like the new look. It's good that there is a new forum for international students as well.</p>

<p>It feels so different though! I feel like I don't know anyone anymore.</p>

<p>A little warning would have been nice. The new look's fine, we'll get used to anything. There's a lot of good info in the archives on the old forums, though and we'll have to switch back and forth to get to it when we need it.</p>

<p>I did have to reregister. It says my home email is already registered but it won't email me whatever it's done to my password.</p>

<p>It would not recognize my user name or password. I reregistered with the same info.</p>

<p>same with me Ellen....but finally got on it....thought I might never...</p>

<p>Did not realize this was going to be happening either. </p>

<p>I am sure I can get used to it if I can figure out how it all works. But how to you go back to our old posts?</p>

<p>Interesting that there is a running tally of how many posts we make. Could be interesting . . . perhaps reveal an addiction to CC?</p>

<p>The old post are still here: Old</a> College Discussion Forum.</p>

<p>It wouldn't recognize my old password at first, but if you click forgot my password it will e-mail you a new password, and then you can just change it back to old password. BTW, I love the age feature, but I bet you 40 billion dollars that you will never see an age above 40!! Once people are old, they never want to reveal their age. Cowards I tell you!!</p>

<p>This really looks FAR different. Oh, well-change is not all bad. I guess.</p>

<p>it's about time. :)</p>

<p>Too bad our old # of posts don't transfer over. :(</p>

<p>Hmmmm. Why the posts counter? Meant to discourage posts? Kind of a spontaneity killer...Who wants to get flamed for posting too much? Not me....</p>

<p>TheDad: I don't think the old system was new enough to calculate # of posts. Who knows, though :-D.. Archaic as that thing was.</p>

<p>On a separate note: I never knew you were in Santa Monica.. That's cool, SM is only about 20 minutes away from LA. :-D..</p>

<p>I go there once in a while, but I like Redondo for near-the-ocean activities.. Not actually on the beach, but just you know, hang out on the pier and stuff.</p>

<p>Interesting - apparently I last visited on 12-31-1969. Whice was a few years before I was even thinking about college for myself.</p>

<p>And my post was timed at 9:57? It's 5:47 am in the central time zone.</p>

<p>I had my age posted in the old forum to tell kids not to flame me (hoping they would have some respect for elders). I can't see it now, but I sure will post my age if I can in my public profile (47 btw).</p>

<p>Ok , it took a little doing but I have found my way "home'</p>

<p>I was able to retrieve my old name. Burlmom=Burllinz</p>

<p>I don't mind the new look--I've seen the whole thing on other forums (fora?), I think it's probably a standard software package. Anyway, I couldn't login with the old name and password, but when I had them email it to me (based only on email address), I got the same name and now I can reset my password.</p>