The New School for drama 2025, thoughts about the program?

Hi. My daughter was admitted to the new school for drama. We are having a hard time finding objective information about the program from current and former students. Is this a primary acting program or MT? There seems to be a lot of controversy online about the new school in general which seems contrary to their mission statements and values. Some scathing reviews are concerning. Being from CA, it’s a big step and big move forward and she wants to be sure before clicking that commit button. Scholarship was fantastic and hard to refuse.

She is also waitlisted at Emerson, the teacher letter of recommendation didn’t upload on their site and was discovered a month too late. No notifications but lesson learned about checking and rechecking. Any insight to the programs would be great!! Thanks in advance.

You mean the school of drama at the new school in NY? Not sure what you’ve heard but the new school is a fabulous school particularly in the arts. And it’s in a great location.

Yes, school of drama. I don’t know the program and in our research these past few days come across social media with many students discouraging others from going. But I would love to know more specifically about the the school of drama and how students like it. If there are many opportunities available. How the social scene is. I just don’t see too much info aside what the college presents.

It’s a very good school & the professors are great. It’s a well regarding performance school, not as well known as New School’s Mannes or Parsons but still good. Full disclosure my husband went to New School. He wasn’t at the school or drama but knew kids there & they were perfectly happy.

I’d imagine some kids can’t get over that they didn’t get into Tisch, which is literally right around the corner. But that’s silly, many of the professors are the same and Tisch can’t take all the highly talented students.

It’s in a great location in the city. It’s urban though, the campus is the city. Which I think is great but not every one is into that. The New School itself is a very interesting and highly innovative school b

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My daughter graduated from the New School in 2018. She loves her school and never regretted she picked it over her other choices (MMC and LMU). She thinks it’s an excellent program, however, she thinks it’s more like a BA program, not a BFA or at least not a classical conservatory program.

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It was very high on my D’s list for a while. It is a drama program, not MT, though it seems they create a lot of their own experiences and music was a part of that. It is innovative, collaborative and seemed high on the idea of learning how to create theatre and experiences. It’s in a great area with a beautiful new student union type building.

My D much preferred it over Tisch or the acting studio route atNYU. It’s not really the same type of program, so it might not speak to everyone, but no program will or should.

I think ultimately my D felt like she would love it there and it would lead her in a great direction, but not the direction she wants to try to go. It was a tough choice, but I think ultimately the right one for her.

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Thank you. Same with my daughter. She preferred it over the NYU program and very interested in a multidisciplinary approach where did your daughter end up going?

Still deciding! :grimacing: Nothing like waiting until the last minute!