The Official "Am I In Your Class?" Thread

<p>Post schedules to find out if you’re in each other’s classes.</p>

<p>Chem 33 S01
Math 10 S04
LR0011 S02
SO0001 S01</p>

<p>use facebook</p>


<p>(Message lengthened to exceed 10 character minimum)</p>

<p>Well, yeah, but not too many people seem to have it in there form 09, probably because they dont all know for sure what they are registered in (communities and forums may post about <a href=""&gt;;/a> but that doesnt mean everyone knows) and it doesn't help me put a name to people, many of whom I've interacted with on here but don't necessarily know their real name.</p>

<p>For example, no one is listed for any of my classes (all intro stuff) but I found someone on the Brown 09 LiveJournal Community who's going to be in my Math class.</p>

<p>I'm connected to 19 people through classes on Facebook.</p>

<p>Paul Huber is one of them. Surprise, surprise.</p>

<p>hehehe, Huber is a damn celebrity</p>

<p>Huber is the worst kind of celebrity.</p>

<p>He's the kid everyone's going to say Hi to and snicker behind his back wildly.</p>

<p>But yeah, no one is listed for any of my sections on Facebook except for two sophomores.</p>

<p>The people that list there are gonna be the same to do it here probably, and the ones that dont do it there are gonna be the ones that dont here, seeing as how their reasons for listing or not are the same in both places</p>

<p>What happens if you don't get into the freshman seminar you wanted to? Is there a waitlist?</p>

<p>No waiting list, but here's a tip:</p>

<p>Just go to the class anyway. Be persistant, and you might end up in it.</p>

<p>wait wait, i've got like one course, comp sci, how are you connected to me? and yea, o to be the infamous Paul Huber, i'm gonna snigger behind my back man, i need to defriend like 400 people i don't know, but at this point, i don't give a damn =p i mean really: DON'T ACT LIKE YOU'RE NOT IMPRESSED!</p>

<p>I would post my courses, but really, I'm sure at least half will change once they start, so what's the point?</p>

<p>::shrugs:: I am nearly positive on my selection. What makes you think you are going to be so fast to change Rabo?</p>

<p>I think assuming some change is going to occur is a good thing... You may want to go and see how your courses are before you commit to them mentally.</p>

<p>I think my courses will change because I had no idea what Latin course would be appropriate, so I just picked a random one that might work, and one course I had like 3 that I wanted to shop, so again, I put down a random one, and may keep it or not, depending on how the others are.</p>

<p>yeah, they got rid of the Latin and Greek placement exams too. You could always try e-mailing the classics dept, tell them about your background and see what they suggest.</p>

<p>They suggested I meet with them in person. Besides, I've got a Classics prof as my adviser so it all works out.</p>

<p>Damn, I was hoping I'd get English 13. Oh well, maybe spring.</p>

<p>Anyone else taking Beginning Swedish?</p>

<p>I'm thinking of taking Swedish next year, maybe. Amor caelestis: do you have any interest in studying abroad in Sweden? Because I def. do. Sweden is an amazing country.</p>

<p>Yeah, either junior or senior year I plan to do the program in Stockholm.</p>

<p>So far (according to Facebook, anyway), I'm the only 09er taking Swedish. I hope I get some company.</p>