The 'passion' of the different schools

<p>by 'Passion' I mean like Thacher has horse riding and it seems pretty important in the school. Webb is very 'passionate' about paleontology and fossils and digging. </p>

<p>Just wondering if any of you know what some of the other school are 'passionate' about and don't mind sharing.</p>

<p>Refinement: Thacher is passionate about teaching and achieving a life balance between the classroom and the outdoors in the life of every student, faculty and staff member. The horse program plays a marquis role. The school's other passion is the community. Everyone pulls for everybody else. It's a distinguishing feature.</p>

<p>That is true but most other schools also boast community and academics and teaching. i am only talking about those that are different and specific to some schools.</p>

That is true but most other schools also boast community . . .


<p>Yes, most schools boast it, but I think what ThacherParent meant is that Thacher actually practices it. Huge difference . . . and it is one of the things that sets Thacher apart from other schools.</p>

<p>You seem to be looking for tangibles . . . like horses, for example. But it is each school's philosophy that distinguishes it from other schools, much more than the courses or particular activities it offers.</p>

<p>By way of example, there was a high school in Canada (sadly, recently closed) that offered, well, actually required, dog sledding of all 9th graders. Its passion wasn't the dog sledding, but the philosophy behind it: a commitment to outdoor education.</p>

<p>Thanks dodgersmom I wasn't thinking about it that way. so it is more like an activity used as a way to express their philosophy.</p>

<p>I think a better for for "passion" here is "ethos"... regardless, take a look at NMH.</p>

<p>ethos is a better word. and um I as hoping you can tell me about nmh</p>

<p>Every student at NMH has a work commitment, which changes periodically . . . so you could be in the kitchen, or the dining room, or helping out in the vegetable fields or with the dairy cows.</p>

<p>The school's farm store sells ice cream, jam, and other products - all made at the school! (The ice cream is fantastic - we always stop and get some when we're driving through northwestern Massachusetts!)</p>

<p>so experience of working.</p>