The perfect school! Please chance me.

<p>Academic Information</p>

<p>-I am a current high school junior at an academically rigorous private school in Richmond, Virginia
-my current GPA is a 3.8
-my school does not release rankings, but I am pretty sure I am in the top 25% of my class
-my best offical SAT thus far: 1180 (although I have taken several practice tests since then and gotten well into the 1200s)
-I also plan on taking the ACT in April and the fall of 2011.
-I am participating in the full IB diploma program </p>


<p>9th: Honors Biology/Chemistry 1, Spanish 2 Honors, Geometry, Honors World History, Honors English, two art electives
10th: AP U.S., Honors Biology/Chemistry 2, Spanish 3 Honors, Algebra 2/Trig Honors, Honors English, New Testament (religion requirement), Introduction to Photography
11th: AP European History, IB Environmental Systems, IB Standard Level Spanish, Pre-Calculus, Honors English, IB Higher Level Economics
will take in 12th: AP/IB Higher Level Modern European History, AP Biology, IB Standard Level Mathematical Studies, IB Higher Level English, IB Higher Level Economics</p>


<p>Students for Environmental Action (S.E.A.)
Spanish Club
Battle of the Brains Club
Youth and Government Club</p>


<p>Spanish Honors Society
National Honors Society
Richmond Forum Page Program (only for those on Honor Role)</p>


<p>-Nominated to participate in the Presidential Youth Inaugural Conference (PYIC) in 2009. During this conference I learned all about the U.S. government and got to witness Obama's inauguration alongside my fellow high school leaders from across the country
-officer of S.E.A. club
-participated in a mock trial for Youth and Government Club</p>


<p>-F.C. Richmond Elite Soccer (9th)
-Super-Y Elite Soccer (won 4th place at nationals in Florida - 9th)
-Varsity Soccer since freshman year
-indoor soccer every winter
-varsity cross country since 10th grade (best 5k - 22:05)</p>


<p>-summer camp counselor
-volunteer assistant coach for middle school running team
-volunteer for CHIP organization (Children's Health Involving Parents)
-participated in CARITAS
-serve as Richmond Forum Page
-participate in local 5k to raise money for Operation Smile Organization</p>

<p>-This year I also had a week-long internship at a preschool for autistic children. I learned about the ABA therapies for autistic children as well as speech and occupational therapy.</p>

<p>Next Year I Will:</p>

<p>-Organize an event at my school to raise funds and awareness for autism research (I will definitely want to keep organizing and participating in autism awareness events in college)
-run for class office
-participate in just about everything mentioned above!</p>

<p>This summer, I will be living abroad in Majadahonda, Spain for 3 weeks</p>

<p>As an IB student, I will also be writing a 4,000 word extended essay. My topic is Autism. While I have not yet come up with a research question, I believe it will be something about the effects ABA therapies have on the brain of a child with an autism spectrum disorder.</p>

<p>As far as majors go, I am interested in English, International Relations, and Special Education. I know for sure that I will either double major or minor in Spanish. Being in Youth and Government Club has also prompted me to consider law school.</p>

<p>I am looking at many different schools around Virginia, but I'd have to say William and Mary is on the top of my list. If you have any suggestions that might make me more competitive in the application pool, I'd be extremely grateful to get them (I'm highly considering applying early decision).</p>

<p>Also, I am a white, in-state female (I'm not sure if that affects anything).</p>

<p>I am very enthusiastic about school and extremely self-motivated. I cannot WAIT for college...I know I'm a total nerd! :)</p>

<p>Glad to hear W&M is among your top choices. We actually know which high school you attend by your description and pursuing the Full IB diploma there is great and we appreciate those at your school who pursue the full diploma.</p>

<p>We would definitely encourage you to take the SAT again or try the ACT which is sounds like is already part of your plan. The middle 50% of our students score between a 1280-1430 (Critical Reading and Math). While 1280 is by no means a minimal requirement, it can only help you to improve your current scores. We review only your best score so we'll superscore your SAT if you take it multiple times and we'll look at only whichever composite is highest between the ACT and SAT.</p>

<p>We would also encourage you to pursue some additional leadership positions. It sounds like you plan on running for class office which is fantastic and that you may already hold office in the SEA. Keep that up and think about pursuing the captainship position in soccer for example. Given that your senior class size is relatively small, leadership is a bit more expected (for more on this check out our latest Admit It! Blog...W&M</a> Blogs Overheard in Committee Part Deux). </p>

<p>Think about coming to campus for an interview this summer (William</a> & Mary - Summer Interviews) given you're only an hour away. Also talk to your counselor. The counselors at your school know W&M well and can be a great resource in helping you be the most competitive applicant you can be.</p>

<p>If W&M remains your first choice, consider applying early decision. It's easier to stand out in a pool of 1,100 vs a pool of nearly 13,000.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>Thanks so much! I think William and Mary will remain a top choice for me, so I will definitely take all of your advice. </p>

<p>Looking forward to visiting and interviewing! :)</p>

<p>Fantastic. You can sign up for an interview beginning May 1 online</p>

<p>Another question. I know a lot of colleges say that they don't have an average GPA because of all the different scales that exist. But when William and Mary is looking at applications from my school specifically, is there a minimum GPA that they look for? I'm concerned that I am not over a 4.0. I'm hoping that even though I don't have my GPA as high as I would like, other aspects of my application will be impressive (i.e. my application essay(s), my interview, demonstrated interest, etc.)</p>

<p>We do not have a minimum GPA for any high school. We consider a wide variety of criteria when reviewing a student's academic credentials including course rigor, grade trends, whether the GPA is weighted, what the grading scale is, etc. </p>

<p>Assuming you go to Trinity Epsicopal (that's our best guess based on the description of your school) we have admitted students with GPAs lower than a 3.8 and of course students with GPAs higher than that. Generally the most competitive students for admission will have mostly As and some Bs on their transcripts. At TES that usually means your GPA is around a 4.0 give or take but again we consider a wide variety of factors and your GPA alone does not automatically get any student an admit or deny decision.</p>

<p>Again, we encourage you to finish strong and this year and your senior year so that you can become the most competitive student possible.</p>

<p>Thanks so much for all of the advice. I recently took the ACT and scored a 28. I wasn't exactly disappointed with this score, but I think I can do better. I'll be taking it again in hopes of getting a 29 or 30. I also just signed up for my interview in mid-July. Can't wait!</p>

<p>Glad to hear you signed up for an interview and taking a standardized test again is always a good idea unless you knock it out of the park on your first try.</p>

<p>You could also consider taking the SAT instead, especially if science isn't your strong suit as the science section on the SAT isn't replicated on the SAT.</p>

<p>We look forward to your visit in July</p>