The University of Hong Kong

<p>just curious, so how prestigious is this university in the eyes of internationals?</p>

<p>btw, this is the BEST university in my hometown, but for some weird reason, most of the top students in Hong Kong still try to get into whatever college in the States or go to the UK for uni instead of going to the University of Hong Kong... i don't really understand why though...</p>

<p>in the newest ranking of world universities provided by the Times Higher Education Supplement, the University of Hong Kong is actually ranked 33 why do most top students still consider it not god enough even when compared to some no-name schools in the States?
I'm puzzled...</p>

<p>I like it~~~~~~~~~</p>

<p>I live in Europe and would consider ot the best uni in Hong Kong but maybe the 10th best in East Asia.</p>

<p>greetings all, I’m planning to apply to HKU’s medical program. I am currently studying in the US, and have a GPA of 3.8. I am taking 2 AP classes this year and will be taking the SAT subject tests for chemistry and mandarine. I have been studying in the states for approximately three years. I am considered a non-jupas because I completed my primary and part of my secondary education in Hong Kong. I would really like to know if I my qualifications are strong enough to get accepted by HKU’s programs…and I’m very worried about it…</p>