The UVA Student

<p>So. I am deciding whether or not to apply to UVA ED... Are UVA students (especially the guys) generally preppy, tooly, obnoxious, pompous snobs? Or is that just the stereotype? What else is there to know that would get me to apply ED?</p>

<p>UVA students tend to be well-dressed, well-spoken, social and bright. There are preppy, toolish, obnoxious and pompous snobs at every top school. If you don't see yourself as a khaki pants & oxford shirt kind o' guy, then big deal - the school is big enough that you'll find a comfortable niche. Regardless, those people who do dress nicely don't bite - in fact, you should celebrate their diversity. (yay diversity!)</p>


<p>Cavalier302 is spot on. I am a former hippie whose son sports shoulder length hair and a beard and is doing just fine at UVA as a first year. Take a look at the Rachel Dickens post on this board on "liberalism" to see how this plays out. Hey maybe you and her can hook up ;)</p>

<p>UVa students are generally very fun, and laid back. No, you probably won't find many 3 AM philosophy discussions. But you'll find plenty of 3 AM dorm drinking. </p>

<p>and 3 AM mafia games. (it's a tradition in Brown College) We have topless tuesday in tucker lounge too, yea, topless hippie girls.</p>

No, you probably won't find many 3 AM philosophy discussions.


<p>Wrong! This isn't the case in my suite.</p>

<p>The suite of Echols Scholars?</p>

<p>mmm yea topless tuesdays are famous now. when ppl find out i'm in brown that's the first thing they bring up!</p>

<p>Yeah, you know what it's like Untilted :rolleyes:</p>

<p>This is something I am really interested in finding out more about. Can someone who wants to talk ideas find a crew at UVA? How much of a party school would you say it is, versus more intellectual?</p>