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<p>Hello, I'm starting my extensive college research. I have decided that going into the performing side of theater is too risky. The competition is tight and the money is low. I enjoy both business and theater, so I have settled on doing theater arts management for my career. I'm currently exhausting my research for a college to attend for theater management. Thus far, I have looked into only schools that offer specific theater management degrees (Ithaca, U of Evansville ect..) I'm beginning to see that these schools are all private and quite pricey, and although I'll probably still apply, I would like to know my other options. Should I look into simply an arts management degree? I still really want to be involved with the theater though, and to my understanding an arts management degree is not only theater, but also art museums and other sources of non-for-profit organizations. Or should I go with a business degree and theater minor? Will that still get me ready for a theater management job as much as a specific theater management degree will? Even though I have been performing in theater for the past 8 years and getting decent parts, what if I'm not good enough to get in a theater program? Last, I'd like to ask, how do I know if a school's program for theater management is better over another? I have noticed as I go onto each school's website and view their program of studies for theater management, that some are simply a theater degree with a specialization in theater management. While others are only theater management courses. This including only one or two acting classes and the rest business courses centered in theater management. (ex. "fundraising for theater") Will having a theater degree with a specialization in managemetn and a minor in business hinder my ability to land a job in theater management over a student has actually recieved a major for theater management specifically? Last, if anyone knows of any other schools that offer theater management it would be greatly appreciated! Obviously I have really been questioning my college choice and advice would be more than helpful.</p>

<p>My husband, who used to be a theater manager, says he recommends majoring in theater and minoring in business. He says you need to know a lot about theater and only the basics of business. I think you can probably enter the field from different directions so you should see what is most exciting and makes the most sense to you. Have you visited any schools yet? </p>

<p>This is a very specialized area and I would guess it is not very competitive. If you are a good student, you may get sufficient financial aid to put those pricey schools within reach.</p>

<p>Here are a few more schools with theater management programs: Yale, Wayne, SFU, DePaul.</p>

<p>Yale's program is an MFA program. Don't know about the others.</p>

<p>What region are you from? It would help for finding publics for you.</p>

<p>Emerson has a "stage and production management" major. It seems to combine tech (including directing) and arts management with a nice balance of classes. It seems not to require any audition, as opposed to their acting majors. And it seems to leave room for a lot more courses, including probably a minor.</p>

<p>Take a look at UArts BFA in Directing, Playwriting and Production. The</a> University of the Arts : BFA in Directing, Playwriting and Production</p>

<p>Located in Philadelphia, which has a very active and diverse theater community, there are lots of opportunities for internships at professional theaters.</p>

<p>I believe the OP was asking about theater management, not stage or production management. There is some overlap but theater managers are concerned with theater as a business—publicity, accounting, fundraising, and so on.</p>

<p>I'm just wondering if you're only looking for the term "theater management." I've also heard of "arts administration" and you might want to look for that, too, when you're searching college websites.</p>

<p>theater mom- what did your husband do for his college education to get into the theater management business? Does he think a theater management degree is out of the picture and not worth it? I've visited Ithaca College in New York, and their program seems to be very well put together for a student going into theater management. My mom is concerned that a theater management degree is too specific to allow for leeway into a different job if theater management doesn't work out. I'd really like to talk more about this please e-mail if you could. I'd really like advice from a person who has already been in the work force.</p>

<p>Theater Mom, I agree with your comment. However, the UArts program does have courses in theater management and many internship opportunities in the business office (i.e. working with executive directors and their staff) with area professional theaters.</p>

<p>I knew the UArts DDP program included a surprising number of options but not this one. It is a great program for someone who wants a lot of options other than performing.</p>

<p>Just to be a bit clearer, the DDP program does not offer a a separate concentration in theater management per se but does have theater management courses in the curriculum and then there are the practicum and internship opportunities that I mentioned before.</p>

<p>i looked into theatre management too! ithaca had the most established program that i could find. muhlenberg is also forming one so you could check that out. i'm attending skidmore college in the fall and they are just starting a minor [i'm interested in acting so i'm majoring in theatre. i'm just also interested in theatre management]. not many schools offer the major but it seems to be an up and coming thing. best of luck!</p>