Theater programs

My S is trying to compare the theater program at these colleges. Interested in comparing quality of theater classes, productions and student theater groups. Planning to major in theater, but also double major in another subject so info on flexibility to double major would also be helpful.

Connecticut College
Whitman College

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Skidmore, Connecticut College, Kenyon and Whitman might represent the schools strongest for theatre from this group, especially if considered partly by geographical distribution.

My daughter has taken a few theater classes at Kenyon and has participated in some productions. The quality of the program seems pretty high. It’s quite competitive to get roles in theater productions but there are many options. She’s double majoring in two different subjects (not theater) but has a friend who majors in theater and another discipline, so it’s possible.

This is really helpful information!


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I’m glad! Feel free to pm me if you have any questions.