Theatre major applying to U Miami--BA or BFA - Help

<p>Thanks in advance for some mighty cc help!</p>

<p>My S has recently decided he'd like to study scenic design. He loves theatre, design and creative writing (he has won a state young playwright award, acted in many plays, taken AP Studio Art, etc) and his goal is to someday design entertainment environments (production design for film, stage design, theme parks!) It's been hard to figure out what major will lead him there. </p>

<p>So here's our urgent (Nov 1 deadline) and specific question. He has U Miami high on his list--with some hope for consideration for merit aid, but when he checked the website, their Scenic Design major is listed as a BFA major. We're a little confused and could use advice. It doesn't look like he can apply EA for the BFA program. Anyone know if that is true? Should he just apply to the BA Theatre (not design) so he can get in on the EA app?</p>

<p>And---If he does apply for the BA Theatre, can he follow up with a BFA application later (requires portfolio review, etc)?</p>

<p>Sorry this is so complicated, but any help would really be appreciated as the looming deadline closes in. </p>

<p>Any other advice on majors or schools also very welcome.</p>

<p>Sounds like a definite “call the school!” question. At this point, however, the dilemma is the timing… you can try calling tomorrow, but you probably won’t get anyone until Monday, and by then admissions will be flooded with calls about EA. Have him finish the app this weekend, ready to submit on Monday the 1st if needed, and then call the theatre department directly on Monday morning. They should be able to point you in the right direction. Best of luck!</p>