These Colleges Are Considered Ideal for Introverts

Check out the best colleges for introverts

Introverts are not shy. They get their energy from being alone while extroverts recharge by being with other people. How can anyone recommend colleges for a group of people if they don’t understand their basic characteristics and needs?

Who wrote this?

“ For budding recluses”
“ For the hermit-like,”

John N. Stereotype?
(N for Negative)

@RichInPitt : The article was written by CC’s Dave Berry.

A bit disappointed in the article and the accompanying list of schools as I expected an article focusing on the military academies.

@publisher, Why would an article about college suggestions for introverts focus on the military academies?

I’m an introvert and I can tell you Northeastern was a nightmare! Too big, too crowded, nowhere to go to be alone. I made it through one year and went in search of quieter pastures.

I don’t think you have to be at a small school. At a large school like Michigan tons of introverts. North Campus is like all trees, paths, man made lakes and very pretty and extremely quite. You don’t even think your on a college campus. You can be alone or be alone with others. Your choice.

IMO it is overly simplistic to say that every introvert would thrive at a given small group of colleges. Not every introvert can be lumped together – each individual is different and must be recognized as such.

My son who WAS an introvert thrived at a mid-sized university.with mostly small classes. He felt uncomfortable at LACs we visited (felt everyone would know his business and there would be no room to step back a bit if he wanted) and he thought he could get lost at a huge university. But what worked for my S may not work for others – every parent (regardless of the student’s personality) should listen to his/her child and (within what is affordable) try to find schools in his/her comfort zone.

@austinmshauri : My post was intended to be humorous.

The article suggests that the best schools for introverts are those that facilitate & encourage interaction among the community.